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    There are at least 3 references (in different posts) all which appear at the beginning of the comments -- certainly not penultimate. Bye bye now.    
Who pissed in your Cheerios? It is not clear since the headline often is not reflective of the article (not just on AI). I didn't count but I thought there seemed to be as much interest in Wi-Fi Assist. The sarcasm isn't really needed - the vitriol seems to be pretty high here without need. Truly hope you have a nice day. BTW: I think for those of that are developers Apple should consider adding a P to the end of the PB releases so when someone mentions version Beta 3 or...
Nice post. We are talking about more than one feature here and even more than one version of iOS -- care to clarify "it" in your all encompassing "No it doesn't" ? Thanx.
I understand what you are saying, but isn't that assuming a digital connection in the vast web? I would think it would also have to make sure that a  number of nodes share service status with each other. Try to get govt to do that and it'll take 25 more years. A corporate solution could be worked out much quicker but then the litigation about privacy/security would far exceed the fantasy sol'n. If this is already in place and I am talking out my a**hole the please excuse...
I'd be surprised if you (actually most adopters) didn't find a thing or two you use that you'll find is new and likable. Of course with that said, I would also be surprised if you didn't find some change that annoys you.  Cheers!
IMHO, 'good practice' says that all the developers in a group should be using the same version of the same compiler (build tools) for a given target. It drives QA and developers nuts to see a program behave differently on one machine than on another -- it tends to make you think that maybe the System or hardware is an issue. Back in the day (and to a much smaller degree today) it makes you wonder if some extension one of you is using is causing a problem. Not a bad idea to...
Although the 30/70 split is true I never posted this. I know the pesky poster used my account and know real harm done but it has my name and I prefer to speak for myself. (BTW: Changed password immediately!) 
Don't forget you could fairly easily add or replace chips to make it a 512K Fat Mac (before that was a product) as long as you didn't care about yor warranty and had pretty good skills with a soldering iron. Note: the 128K Mac video ram came out of the heap for the whole machine which meant you only had use 106.1K RAM after the mono display, then there was the system, low mem globals, overhead of handles, etc... Today's (released) iMac has a measly 2 GB GDDR5 RAM for the...
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