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Sorry -- Pluto is no longer a planet. Maybe he is from Uranus? Sorry that was a dirty crack that I should go back and wipe out but come to think of it that smell is coming from Deputy Attorney General James Cole. What a pile!
We all know Sony only manufactures hardware for its personal use and its friend Apple right -- yeah right. So Sony has now offloaded on the mucho-mega pixel chip with no Ax chip needed for lightning fast AF. Certainly they would not sell to an Apple competitor would they? /s
I worked as part of a group that tested evey new system with all new and previously released hardware. As soon as a system was released for a new product it was fair game for the rest of the world. An awful lot of people did it cause they wanted to see what had changed - and there were the easter eggs that were added every couple of systems, even in the 6.x.x releases. BTW I like your signature line, but what the heck is OTA? (Not listed on http://www.acronymfinder.com)
It may not have seen like it back then but the systems were very much tied to hardware i.e., almost any new hardware required a new System with an internal extension to patch the trap tables for things like wait states and such. Very seldom might have a new feature but your new Mac or Performa would not run without them.
 ...wild turkey on Thanksgiving. I assume you are talking about the bird not the liquor? Although I no longer partake it could be either (or both) down here.
I know that when I worked at Apple in Networks a new System was considered "bug free" when the only thing left was cosmetic or feature requests with one small exception: If it existed before (in the previous release) and was not in someway now a "show stopper" it could be overlooked and RTM could take place. Most engineers did their damnedest to fix all outstanding bugs. There were actually a few bugs (very few) that occurred in such an obscure way that they were marked DO...
I like the idea of being able to have a "backup" of sorts for data when on vacation or out traveling where networks aren't available. I can also appreciate it as a good way to get non-native video on my phone from someone that is PC based. I am sure there are other uses that will become more obvious as it becomes more available to experiment with. I am also pretty sure that the price will come down. I wonder if they have any kind of IP protection (almost feels like I am...
 @joshuarayer:...and tons of Malware (which Knox doesn't do diddly about), pirated software, most made of plastic, stolen IP and a shop full of engineers behind it that wouldn't know which way to turn if Apple wasn't there to help guide them, and of course no reliable system upgrade path unless your manufacturer gives a shit about doing an upgrade (which they apparently don't sense they are apparently making such a small profit on each phone), oh I almost forgot those guys...
 lightknight:You seem to have but one thing on your mind -- and maybe in your hand.
Your true colors sure show thru with that message! Your comment is so far out of line - if you must think that way, please keep it to yourself. Think thru what you blurt out here before you post such lunacy in the future. I think you know how many people argued over whether he should should have taken the "don't ask don't tell stance" and all for what? I am not a supporter of the LGBT group but I do not knock them for having the free agency to make their own choice.  I...
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