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Didn't anyone stop to think that there is still a valid reason for a grill (nee, an opening in front)? Large batteries need to be cooled as do motors. Is the possibility of a hybrid out of the question (either the gas powered generator or gas driven powertrain that can supplement the electrics)? There is also a need for a HVAC system which generally uses fresh filtered air passed thru a heat exchanger to get hot or cold air -- I know I don't want to have to rely on 4/80...
 This has been done and used in one of the toughest environments around for years-- the International Space Station. It gets all water from air, sweat, human waste, anything that has a byproduct generating or causing condensate H2O, etc... At 8.3 lbs/gal (1.0 atm, room temp, etc...) it would be the most expensive consumable shipped to the ISS -- unless of course they found a way to ship dehydrated. ¡ 
 I think the much more intriging Charging devices (typically) iPhone with Apple connectors with a sidebar describing flammable versus non-flammable. ¡
    There are at least 3 references (in different posts) all which appear at the beginning of the comments -- certainly not penultimate. Bye bye now.    
Who pissed in your Cheerios? It is not clear since the headline often is not reflective of the article (not just on AI). I didn't count but I thought there seemed to be as much interest in Wi-Fi Assist. The sarcasm isn't really needed - the vitriol seems to be pretty high here without need. Truly hope you have a nice day. BTW: I think for those of that are developers Apple should consider adding a P to the end of the PB releases so when someone mentions version Beta 3 or...
Nice post. We are talking about more than one feature here and even more than one version of iOS -- care to clarify "it" in your all encompassing "No it doesn't" ? Thanx.
I understand what you are saying, but isn't that assuming a digital connection in the vast web? I would think it would also have to make sure that a  number of nodes share service status with each other. Try to get govt to do that and it'll take 25 more years. A corporate solution could be worked out much quicker but then the litigation about privacy/security would far exceed the fantasy sol'n. If this is already in place and I am talking out my a**hole the please excuse...
I'd be surprised if you (actually most adopters) didn't find a thing or two you use that you'll find is new and likable. Of course with that said, I would also be surprised if you didn't find some change that annoys you.  Cheers!
IMHO, 'good practice' says that all the developers in a group should be using the same version of the same compiler (build tools) for a given target. It drives QA and developers nuts to see a program behave differently on one machine than on another -- it tends to make you think that maybe the System or hardware is an issue. Back in the day (and to a much smaller degree today) it makes you wonder if some extension one of you is using is causing a problem. Not a bad idea to...
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