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 Kudos Apple for all the little features!
Finding anyone that actually liked Clippy would be the real trick (other than the 'but its so cute' comment by someone in the peanut gallery). 
 Assuming this true I would hope they do not take away the volume, station/CD button functionality from the steering wheel along with the one touch activation of the hands free control of the phone via voice. I have owned Honda autos for two decades and have found great satisfaction in the Accord's, an Odyssey and a Civic. They have payed attention to details that other manufacturers (especially US car companies before they finally figured out that quality matters) have...
I assume it would be the kind of TV you could then mount on a door? For non-vertical content you could have stacked video aka Picture On Picture ¡
"Excuse me sir" (in my most news anchorman voice I query) "do you happen to have any opinion on vertical video?" ¡
   If you read it carefully (took me longer to go back and find it than it should have) the article does state 4 different biometrics, the last being "voice analysis". Apple has used voice recognition on some devices since the late 80's -- I never found it too practical for my use. I would like to see the option of using biometrics in two-factor authentication (even if it is only one of the two) since the req'd hdwr. is becoming more common place. That might help put a...
We're on the same page -- wish I'd noticed it was a prevalent pattern before now . Think I should go flog myself for awhile.
One of the group of analysts that ignored Apple's direction for earnings (which they beat) that caused a 7% drop in stock value when everyone figured that these "well connected" anal-ists always know better ¡
The only thing I could think of is if the battery would not hold a charge, or if ta tap on the edge of the screen was not at 100%. Both of these would still be covered though. I don't see this as a certifiable as a class nor does it seem to be widespread -- and Apple (from what little I can tell from this) is taking care of this.
 1. Sounds like you already told Dilger what you thought! Really a martyr? 2. When a paper like the NYT runs an uninformed article (sounds more like an editorial) that has factual mistakes it sometimes takes more words to explain where the error may have come from and/or use some comparative history. You might try citing a source to support your otherwise innuendo and supposition re: DED's work. As you pointed out you can always skip ahead or just scan if you consider it...
New Posts  All Forums: