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 LOL ... I thought the HDD's spun in the opposite direction below the equator.
 I am not sure what you mean by "the side short ways to cloud Options". I am really confused by the next statement "your HDD etc on the left side of Finder". What the heck?  In all my years of computing and developing I have never heard of the HDD being geographically located relative to the Finder. The HDD is a piece of hardware used for storage (of lots of small pieces)  that is formatted to look like a bunch of little places to put pieces of files, the Finder is a tool...
 I would hardly consider lutefisk a candy (some call it a treat but I think they hang with the same folx that love tripe, menudo...). 👀 You must be a Scandahoovian¡
 I think you are assuming that we all have a state income tax. Those of us in Texas don't Oregon, and Alaska is still paying a dividend I think. AFAIK we are the only ones without a state income tax.
 Hate to burst your bubble but I don't think this will happen -- ever again. Back in the day of the Iici/IIcx the ci was typically a > $5000.00 USD investment every 1.5 years. I am a developer and at that time I was buying a new Mac about every other release and even with the generous discounts for developers (which paid another $1500/year/person for the ability to join). It was damned expensive. Now I buy an iMac every 5 years or so (a BTO maxed out on graphics,...
 I for one have made a mistake -- I thought I had made a mistake but actually hadn't¡
 I guess you misunderstood my sarcasm -- I don't think it was fair at all. I assume the lottery this year was an attempt at keeping companies/individuals from ordering 50 or more at a time (I actually do not know if that happened but it was implied that big blocks were sold). I think it was an attempt at reigning in the demand out stripping the supply. I don't have a simple solution, but I think it needs to be addressed. Its been over crowded and sold out. A new venue is...
 I was not aware the number of observers being only 10 -- do you have a link to that? That 10 sounds small unless you are one that has not gotten a ticket this year, or last or the one before because of the ridiculous amount of time the sell out in. Just a thought but maybe they could rank your odds by how many times you have missed out on the lottery (of course that does not do any good for those of us that were too late the previous years). Idea being spread it around.
 I think its great that a bunch of new folks are there. I for one do not work for one of those "rich" firms that scoop up tickets... I am self employees and when I go its all on me. Travel, meals, ground transportation, lodging, etc. @Corrections: The value of the seats (i.e., tickets allowing admittance) is not in being able to see a talk. It is in the lab time with Engrs. The networking with others in the same or similar business. Other than a larger venue I am not sure...
Yup, great idea -- when the developers have been put into a lottery for every precious seat. I hope this is a one time experiment cause as a developer that wanted to attend but did not get to it pisses me off. Before anyone says it -- the videos are nice but far from actually being there at the session.
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