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 Really big if! Hell Google can't keep Android "...functioning somewhat like Android...". Lotsa Luck!
 More like a sumo bout ... 
 Neither does your use of the english language but that still tells me nothing more than one spec. Specs are meaningless, performance counts & we won't know that until it is real.
 Another reliable analyst, Kim Jong-un, says that Apple already tested the iWatch. He reports the sizes as being 4.7" and 5.5" but declined to comment further citing his NDA with Apple.¡
Not that I have heard.Apple to partner with Shazam for song recognition in iOS 8 ...
Did not mean to offend. This was intended to be a bit of sarcasm (my apologies if there really is an International Underwater Basket Weavers Association). I thought about tagging ( /s or ¡ ) but figured it was obvious -- apparently not.
 What the hell is next? The International Underwater Basket Weavers Association?
So maybe the RDF wasn't actually his...or are you suggesting a ghost writer now? /s
Yes I could. I could also pick them one by one but the idea behind Preview All was to allow an unattended listen to samples of the songs. Songs from earlier generations did not get airplay if they were not in the 2:20 to 2:30 range. That was the format especially when AM controlled the airwaves. There is a lot of that length music out there both old and new. There is also a lot of music (Art Rock, Live, Jazz, etc... e.g. Genesis, Yes, Allman Bro, Grateful Dead, CSNY and...
What are you suggesting here? That instead of Apple paying their bills in a timely fashion and also showing a commitment (I don't know how many suppliers they have so hard to quantify) on their on (i.e., without the Govt. forcing this) that they should have somehow have diverted these funds for services/product provided to "to the illegal children coming to the states"? I don't get the connection, care to explain? BTW: Should probably have read "that money Apple paid...
New Posts  All Forums: