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I guess its update day at Apple. It appears we are officially in the Whack-A-Mole release stage. This occurs when the engrs are back in 16-18 hr day mode again, due to either: • 1 mission critical bugs are found (which you could assume would be very difficult to catch without the product "in the wild") and • 2 features that were in the design but were cut to make the deadline (which a very vocal group -- typically a minority of loud users, analysts, and trolls that...
Someone not very creative when padding their expense account, eh?   LMAO
 Oh my, oh my, oh my -- #3 cannot be true, remember that their motto is "Don't be Evil."
 If it were no big deal Scamsung would've just paid the original billion US$ and moved on. This goes to their way of doing business. They typically "look at an item" and then improve upon it and sell it then the next guy does the same thing. China, Taiwan, and many other asian countries work with this ethic. Work ethic my ASS! Bunch of thieves.
 Until the App Store for the iPhone most Apps (for the Mac and PC) were typically $19.95 to $99.99 with some specialty apps in the $300 to $500 dollar range (with some being substantially more like Photoshop or Autocad or vertical market apps). Most of those required paid upgrades for anything other than an x.x.1 upgrade to fix a bug or security issue. If the Apps added features then you can bet you would pay %50 or more to move to the newer version. Now people pay $0.99...
 This was talked about either at the introduction of the original iPhone or at the WWDC. Apple purposely did not map the "touch response area" (aka hysteresis) directly to the outline of each key on the keyboard. They used frequency analysis of what is typed and gave more room for those letters that are hit more often. I can't remember for sure but I think this actually changes with the keyboard country (i.e., language) since each language has a distinct frequency...
 No point in using a substantive argument when you can say something inflammatory like that. I call the use of 'terrorists' in this context a corollary to Godwin's Law. 
HTC's FingerPrint scanner is getting panned. First, it requires a swiping motion. Second it is on the back of the phone so you have no clue where it really is. The crowning FU though is it is adjacent to the cameras lens so you are almost always going to swipe you oily finger over the lens.   This implementation is a joke (maybe a check off item? more like a jerk off item).   I can hear HTC now: at release "me too, me too we got one of those"; after reviews come in...
@dillio:I'd say go away -- and while you are away you might make it a habit to proof your emails and fact check them e.g.,  "Go ahead with your replies, but it shapes up to be true, as the latest rumors come it (yes, I said rumors, I know they are rumors; not all rumors all all false you know)." If true can you quote a reliable source? Didn't think so. From the Oxford English Dictionary:Rumora currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth
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