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You ain't seen crapola till you have had to use Yammer. Its a M$ Facebook wannabe that is horrible. It is supposed to be the place for you to go to cut out all the noise of Facebook and have a Facebook-ish way of conversing. Very easy to get lost in. I do not like social SW -- don't see the need (for me) and further don't want to have to maintain another client (especially M$). I thought I might be able to live without actually having to go there direct daily since it is...
Try as I will I just can't slow this thing down -- still feel like I'm in my 30's but my Drivers Lic. sez 50's (I also have a good memory as I was in 1st grade when my Dad said that).
Way back in the 60's it used to be said "If it costs like hell it must be Mattel!". I did read about the Mattel 'product' and do agree that it makes sense. I just couldn't help but be reminded of Zappa's lyrics "Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?" also.
Is that a real ViewMaster or a Sears ViewMaster? Apologies to Frank Zappa et Cosmik Debris & Camarillo Brillo.
 The reason this is news and your comment about Cortana isn't is because there are virtually no devices out there that have Cortana except for the WinPhone which makes it irrelevant. Maybe when they deliver this to the laptops (Scarface 3?) and desktop OEM machines they will have something that works. My problem with the latter scenario is that I want it on my iPhone or iPad so I can easily take it with me. Certainly using you have a way to control things that are...
 From someone who often over explains and rambles a bit much, you had Apple included with the "No corporation" clause. You could have left out neither is Apple or said No corporation is perfect, including Apple. Not meaning to nitpik,Cheers.
 Actually Google is an advertising company that happens to have a pretty damn good search engine that you can use while reading the ads or giving them more and more data about you (read raping your privacy rights).
LMAO. I first thought "he forgot an ¡ or /s to mark as sarcasm". I then read on and finally realized he is either very uniformed, off his meds (again) or possibly is a Google troll. Nobody has to argue about Google's "Do No Evil" motto because it became clear years ago that it was nothing more than one of their inside jokes (similar the the Easter Eggs they leave on holidays.
  There has been nothing that I have read that indicates anything like what microsoft did. Remember that M$ was forcing OEMs to include IE on the desktop and were even stopping them from including an alternate to the game. M$ controlled the industry -- if you wanted to build/sell computers then you delivered a Wintel solution. They had all but a very small fraction locked up in enterprise, schools, universities etc… It was the M$ way or not at all -- very few companies...
 A project like this is usually bid on by GC firms. They submit bids, surety and completion bonds, insurance etc. The firm that successfully negotiates the bid then is responsible for securing the actual contraction permits (plans would have already been reviewed and approved by the local jurisdiction) and then starts hiring subcontractors (that they have worked with to do site prep etc.). The GC supply a lot but almost never all the trades -- on a job this size typically...
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