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Nice to know (I suppose) what is meant so I don't have to enquire whilst consuming fine beverages and conversing with my gentleman friends at 'the club' although I fear they may incorrectly opine my utterance to be a foreshortened bout of Tourette's syndrome ¡
 I hate to pile on but, @cjcampbell this is not something new. Does the hammer and feather experiment ring a bell -- think Apollo 15 (here if before your time).
 It is not your content. You purchased the right to use content not to own it. A search with the simple "iTunes content use" phrase on Google gave me more on how to copy you content from Apple devices, Windows, etc. to damn near anything including Kindle, Android, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, etc... If you have old content purchased (roughly 2009 and earlier) see this WIRED article to remove the DRM. Alleged problem solved! No suit (or even coat & tie) required. :-p
 Agreed. If you had taken more time to think this out you would not come off looking like an idiot troll and realized that this case has no legs since you should know (by now anyway) that you can play your music on any device you want - just export it to any type you want. ;-) This suit by its very time in the courts has proven the accusers wrong -- the only winners here are the lawyers if they can drag it out and get someone to pay -- being a class action suit I have to...
 Just exactly what are you wanting to view? AFAIK you can view most docs on your iOS device (e.g., Office - MS Supplies a native app for the big 3 that lets you do that, all kinds of CAD, graphics and video stuff is viewable if not from Apple via a 3rd party app that are generally available free).  I don't understand what you are asking for, unless what you are saying is you want your iPhoto library to be automagically found by iOS which seems rather nonsensical...
They are also released usually much earlier to developers -- but I am not sure what either has to do with the subject?
Not too bad for a 1st post. LOL
Sorry -- Pluto is no longer a planet. Maybe he is from Uranus? Sorry that was a dirty crack that I should go back and wipe out but come to think of it that smell is coming from Deputy Attorney General James Cole. What a pile!
We all know Sony only manufactures hardware for its personal use and its friend Apple right -- yeah right. So Sony has now offloaded on the mucho-mega pixel chip with no Ax chip needed for lightning fast AF. Certainly they would not sell to an Apple competitor would they? /s
I worked as part of a group that tested evey new system with all new and previously released hardware. As soon as a system was released for a new product it was fair game for the rest of the world. An awful lot of people did it cause they wanted to see what had changed - and there were the easter eggs that were added every couple of systems, even in the 6.x.x releases. BTW I like your signature line, but what the heck is OTA? (Not listed on http://www.acronymfinder.com)
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