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 I suspect it has a lot more to do with getting people to buy from BestBuy instead of one of the other places they can get it (e.g., Apple store, all the carriers).
 Those guys are awesome. My wife's iPhone 4 8GB is getting traded in today for a 4s (she just doesn't want a 5/5s/5c) but this will get me 2 years on AppleCare+ (which runs out on the iPhone 4 in a day or two) plus $50 to spare (to help recover from my 5s 64GB which arrived yesterday). And I didn't think it would be worth anything more than as an iPod -- Apple is the best investment all around. Apple tax my ass!
 Duh. So that means then too that when I do a Time Machine backup or send someone a file as an e-mail enclosure it still is on my computer?! WOW -- No wonder I keep running out of HD space! /s I know this is a stretch but when I print a document say from iWork, is it still on my iMac too?
 Trying to get that post count up? Seriously, sometimes you just need to wait a second or two for it to show up.
 under stmt of the year -- LMAO
 I suppose you could use it that way but you would find it difficult to restore your albums,  events, maps, etc… on IPhoto if you tried to bring them back down to your device.
It looks to me like they just switched to the new built-in camera API with its advantages and did not update any of the UI anywhere else.
I love the idea but I think the price will sink it. Really too bad.
 Its OK to copy yourself. ;-)
 Yeah but they would never be able to get a patent because of prior art (Steely Dan in "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs).
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