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 Yeah but they would never be able to get a patent because of prior art (Steely Dan in "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs).
 Could not agree more. If it has the same connotation as wearing a calculator on you belt mid to late 1970's that number is going to be low. If it provides lots of biometrics that can be gathered via an M7 altar low power device and then provides good reports by analyzing that data ~realtime then the adoption rate goes up but if the price is close to $400 then I think it will be very slow to adopt. $250-$275 is probably a reasonable experimenters price -- but still AppleTV...
The article is titled Rampant cheating by Android knockoffs prompts AnTuTu to launch new benchmark yet there is no mention of a new benchmark. I could understand them not revealing the tech they will use to keep the cheaters from cheating but the article only speaks to AnTuTu's disgust at and several types of cheating.   No mention of new benchmark as far as I can tell. :(
Kinda hard to buy the fact that they thought it was OK to do with the taunting by Dr. Ahn that per Melin he went so far as to tell Nokia that "all information leaks." IMHO This seems to imply that he had info he should not have had.
 Consider holding your breath and stomping your feet. I'm sure glad you trolled on in for that cute "add a USB port" line. For what? I cannot think of anything way the addition of one would help even the smallest amount of people.
Interesting that iTunes could not find the update. When I went thru Settings>General>Update my iPhone found it ASAP and am installing now.
 I agree. I also think you have two very different consumer profiles for the 5s and the 5c as well as the lack of 5s pre-order you pointed out. The 5s tends to attract the 'power user' (i.e., high end) consumer that wants it now (or preferably 3 months ago) and is willing to jump thru flaming hoops or sleep on the sidewalk for a night or few. They will compromise on color but most want max memory and maybe multiple phones. I think once the first weekend dust settles the 5c...
 A GM is not some piece of magic code. It is simply a final candidate containing the rsrcs and flags for the installer that is a final test for what anyone with a new device or updating will get. The GM is nothing more than a whole bunch of files all bundled together (kind of like a folder) that is marked as being part of a pkg of rsrcs (code, txt, pix, strs, nibs, etc…). It can include multiple stand alone apps a single app, a kernel extension (kext), a service, etc…. If...
 The article actually says they are solid rose gold (assuming that excludes the drivers and the wire). Seems like every so often some jeweler ail cover a phone with diamonds and gold or platinum. Doesn't sime practical to me but I guess if you start thinking about whether they are practical you probably can't afford them anyway. (I never have heard of any of the encrusted iPhones or iPods actually selling so it is probably an advertising stunt since typically not for...
 The Scanner of course!    /s Think of this part working more like a camera than a fax machine. You simply place your finger over it and the press of your thumb will activate the scanner (I would guess).
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