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 Is this the gentile version of the dock (as opposed to the Jewish ¡)?
 Although the kanji ideograms used in Japanese and Chinese may have a similar look there is a huge difference in the number of kanji characters that are used is overwhelmingly larger in Chinese than in Japanese. I understand the possible use of the larger screen for the Chinese syllabaries (which are much more dense and complex) while the Japanese is much more airy.
I love it. I don't think Apple was price fixing anymore than Amazon was. Amazon just didn't like Apple playing in their sandbox. LMAO   Of course we will have to wait for the yo-yo togo up and down a couple more times before we can get an answer that may stick (for awhile).
 I think your comment should have  @Haggar. I never said (nor do I believe) Sculley was right. I made a sarcastic remark ( denoted on this board by: ¡ ). Though possibly in poor taste re: Steve Job's passing It was never my intention to acquiesce to Sculley's position.
 Good luck to Sculley collecting ¡
 Its supposed to be sarcasm. Do you really think they are holding a release just for grins -- likely they have found one or more major issues (aka  a show stopper) that would hold it up from being released. It does not make since to release something you know has a major issue when it can be fixed and one more regression (in house) done as well as sending out a RC for GM.
 Yeah, Apple should just ship the last version that had one or more 'show stopper' bugs so that everyone has one more thing to bitch about them not fixing. Why should they do another release candidate when you figure its good enough¡ 
 You can always hope -- the logistics of bringing the 1000+ engineers for talks, labs, etc. plus all the equipment and other support just doesn't seem practical. Besides, the cat would be out of the bag for a bunch of the Apple announcements. One of greatest parts is networking with other developers -- you lose a lot of that. Maybe they could have some sort of simulcast for the larger talks and stagger the chow times. They already replay popular talks. Maybe its time to...
What is Judge Koh's deal. Cut down the patents you want to prove Samsung stole cause this is taking too long. How the hell is that justice? It is clear anytime you litigate anything your "day in court" is gonna be years and a judge's idea of the right to a quick and speedy trial is far different than my idea of quick. This is a freaking turtle race where they race but then Samsung wants best 2 out of three. By the time this is over the damn turtle is gonna be dead (and...
 @quinney If I had intended to denigrate the man's race I could have pulled from a litany of words I have heard in my life (having gone thru high school & college in Texas). The term spook is a well used term for CIA or Intelligence industry folks and more commonly IMHO the the racial epithet you imply I used. In the dictionaries and Wikipedia on my iMac it defines spook as:1. a ghost,2. spy,3. offensive dated term for a black person.So if you are dead set on finding the...
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