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Merriam Webster and several other respected dictionaries show this as a correct spelling (although the more common I would agree is the way you spelled it. Interesting thing - the english language is.
This has the potential to be interesting - it remains to be seen if can be done right. Hopefully the recent delays addressed (most) final issues. BTW: Interesting final paragraph that is? "Developing..." Huh?
Deflecting, are we - just a wee bit off topic
The whole timing of releasing the white iPhone at the same time as the Verizon launch is puzzling. Why would Apple want to complicate the ramp up for CDMA and at the same time potentially have double the number of models for both. It looks to me like it would be a major distraction for a manufacturer trying to make sure they get enough of the black iPhones out the door to satisfy initial demand and sustained demand of the AT&T model. If Apple does not have enough of the...
Never say never - may be a hard lesson he will learn.
I think you may be correct but the stronger bet is that the $3.9B had at least a substantial portion of it going for screens. Apple has said that if they could have gotten more screens they would built/sold more iPhones.
Great - So I install it, hate it then I have all this crap left behind when I try to uninstall it. No thanks. BTW: This appears to be a portion of the previous article reposted - whats up?
I would hope that he can hold his tongue. Even if he doesn't agree with the lifestyle, its hard to argue the mans abilities and track record. Another big thing he has going is that Steve picked him AND the board has given its blessing. The other thing is its hard to throw stones if you live in a house that had more Vicodin and Oxycontin pass through it than your local Walgreens.
I agree but had to laugh - the word is spelled "article" - were you maybe thing of where (Cal) Apple corporate/main campus is located?
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