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Couldn't agree more - only thing surprising to me was that they didn't have an even higher share to start with - when you are at the top and other players enter you naturally go down. BFD - wait and see how it looks after Android tabs are out for a while (and Galaxy users find they can't upgrade to Honeycomb - unless hardware specs have changed).
Lo, over yonder I here an annoying buzz. Lord, tis nothing but a festering pile of dung that hath attracted numerous large flies. They fly about as they may, but yet all die a short time hence me lord.
Is this an attempt to get Adobe's product look a bit more Mac-like or is it just some sort of skin or theme installed on a Windoze box or Parallels/VMware? P.S. Is that Sears Flash or REAL Flash? - my apologies in advance to any offended Zappa fan (Camarillo Brillo). I know for a fact that it is not a real poncho
About as exciting as a new version of Office. Some tools we need but we don't really want. More bloatware shoved at us with little concern for performance or stability IMHO.
I think that the real problem is that have not figured out that what they have now is not the right thing. They have been trying to use Windows with a touch screen or on a tablet for several years and the only sign that maybe someone somewhere gets it is in the new Windows phone OS. Still is not my favorite but it is a step in the right direction. Someone needs to smack 'em upside the head and explain the Windows is NOT a cross platform solution i.e., one size does not fit...
Kudos to the Prof.: Could not agree more - very well said.
Your pie chart might make a point - but I suspect if you look at the data over time it would tell a slightly different story. All it does now is point out that MS can't get people to switch from an OS that is a full TWO product cycles back (understandably so after the Vista debacle but most of what I have seen with Win7 says it is a vast improvement - at least over Vista and may add to the feature set if you are an XP user - although I seriously doubt you could get anyone...
I think if you give Apple a while some of these "quirky new ways" of interacting will become real. Remember, a patent is filed to protect an invention - but not necessarily at the time it is shipped. (I won't get into whether or not patents are good or bad or about poor current laws.) Sometimes an invention is not marketable until another technology, possibly much later than the invention's, makes it viable. Give some of these things a chance - excellence does not happen...
Wow - My exp here (in the USA) has been just the opposite. Hold times (queued up) are normally short for me (a min or two) and never had a rude representative - I have had a couple that it took a minute to explain that "yes, I already tried that to no avail" but calls have been excellent - I have never used enail/IM so I can't comment on that.
What is your reasoning for this? Seriously. I am curious since I have not had a bad experience (ever) with Apple and their support. I have never seen numbers that attempted to quantify satisfaction (especially with the robophones - I hate them with a passion but have found Apple's very reasonable.)
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