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So this is the BIG deal that the retail employees were notified was coming? Huh - can't say that I have had to wait too long in the past.\
I would expect nothing less from the great copiers up north.
I was not disagreeing with the conclusion drawn from the AdMobs stats -- just how they arrived at them. I was simply trying to make the point that there could be (probably are IMHO) other factors that affect the stats such as the user demographics. I'm not sure there is a one to one correspondence between ad hits and user count or usage. Possibly I was being a bit too facetious when I suggested that being an Apple iOS user might imply a different group of user habits or...
Should have caught this in Networks QA. Somebody missed a test suite. Good thing it is such a simple fix.
Probably correct, but I hope not.Maybe a smaller iPad but with a retina display that could do at least 720p if not 1080p. Quick calcs make it appear that a 7" diagonal would fit really well and give you potentially a much higher resolution device. Image size would be zoomable so you could have the rumored in between size. I don't think I would personally ever want one but I can see a use for them. Just a thought.Personally I (guess I) can wait (if I have too) for the...
Can anyone shed any light on the next to the last picture. I can see that in the one Apple is using there are the "tuning forks" in the 4 corners. the last one obviously shows the 2 dies interconnected but wants up with the other one. I really don't get what we are looking at there. Cool pix for sure. Ideas anyone? (See my edit comments - I got answers by reading the URL ref'd article.)
A rather big jump in logic based on AdMob's stats although probably true. I do not get how they can say that iPhone is most popular because it got more hits -- is there anything to show that users of all phones are seeing the same amount of advertising? Maybe iPhone users like to look at ads more -- Nah!
This is supposed to be news? A lot of the folx here are not from the US.
I wouldn't go get all hot and bothered about this rumor until something more concrete is known. How many times have we heard a rumor that Verizon is coming? I don't think it is even breathing hard yet!
Uh. How bout I fix your bug -- Try right swiping the item you want to remove from the list/menu. Voila! A magic delete button appears. Tap that and the item is gone. (At least this works on my iPhone 3G iOS 4 and my iPad iOS 3.2.)
New Posts  All Forums: