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What cave have you been living in? You actually think that dribble is true? Android is NOT what all are the players are copying.
Excellent explanation. Couldn't agree more.You should post more often since you turn a phrase so well.
There will be a way to do this. Apple is behind Universal Access in a big way - can't see 'em dropping it for this feature. As I said in another post Add the gestures but keep the button.
I tend to agree. Add the gestures as "User selectable" (optional) but keep the home button.
I have to agree with the last 2 sentences (I know not if you are an idiot).Actually, for handguns, you have to wait a week. Also, a background check is done (little good that did in this case) but those can take several days. Not quite as much of a "run in, throw your cash down and you are out on your wild killing spree". Not much different you say - it does try to weed out those felons, registered crazies etc. However the gun law stops no one from buying from an...
This may be the first case that actually should have been filed in Marshall. The boys in East Texas have gained quite a reputation for being friendly towards those seeking damages.Makes me wonder if these good ole boys are on a commission? (Note: I do call Texas home as I went to high school here, TAMU and returned later with a family - my wife is also from Texas. I am in no way proud of what they are doing. )"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".
YOU sir have failed to see the point. You talk about how it is "not that much worse" than H.264 - most would disagree and ask "why settle for less?". For what reason other than to line Googles pockets with gold. Purely a financial issue. If you think has to do with openness than you are more clueless than you appear - if that were they case then they would not support a proprietary container (Flash) over H.264 which Flash supports. Your logic (or lack thereof) astounds me!
Looks like to me a move to push Handroid along with a POS codec - what a way to differentiate yourselves. Use FLASH (worst performing crap available on mobile devices) and bundle with the inferior WebM.How but they just leave all the graphics positions blank and ship there phones with a set of 4 crayons.Didn't care for the Handroid OS before - sure don't care now. Great move by the "were not evil"empire. LMAO!
I would much rather hear the positives and how they are going to handle voice OR data but not both at the same time. This is the biggest difference I see.
In Sugar Land, TX -I am in total agreement with you about switching to Verizon. No way would I switch to Verizon - we live in AT&T town (the old SW Bell) and are always one of the first areas to rollout and get better than good service here. So why do I want to switch to Verizon - tell me again why when I get this kind of coverage with 0 dropped call rate and good+ data speeds. I formerly lived in the SF bay area, if I were still there I would probably be cursing AT&T and...
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