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Suits! Suits! We don't need no stinking suits! Would have loved to have seen the look on the AT&T minions face. My apologies to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" & David Allan Coe/Johnny Paycheck.
Get a life - how were you harmed guys?
Duh, firmware/software are both programs. The firmware is stored in a different way (and place) than the rest of the software on the device and typically is non-volatile. In a device that keeps the software (applications) in SRAM it can be confusing since they both persist across launches. Firmware is typically much lower level stuff than your avg application and has access to things that as developers we don't (are not supposed to anyway) access.IHTH.
I am not sure I believe this rumor but I know I don't believe you!Look at the teardown and it is fairly easy to imagine an isolation block between the 2 antennas that get bridged.I am personally very careful about saying never, can't, always and other absolutes since they almost always come back to bite you (see how nicely I covered my ass).
Don't even want an AMD chip in mine. I have not had good experience with them at all and prefer the real McCoy thank you very much.
Or maybe Microsoft's Kin?
I thought you had to actually have a product to be "in the game".
So this is the BIG deal that the retail employees were notified was coming? Huh - can't say that I have had to wait too long in the past.\
I would expect nothing less from the great copiers up north.
I was not disagreeing with the conclusion drawn from the AdMobs stats -- just how they arrived at them. I was simply trying to make the point that there could be (probably are IMHO) other factors that affect the stats such as the user demographics. I'm not sure there is a one to one correspondence between ad hits and user count or usage. Possibly I was being a bit too facetious when I suggested that being an Apple iOS user might imply a different group of user habits or...
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