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Is it the sound or the picture that hurts?
This seems like it has taken longer to get out the door than expected. Will be great to actually be able to see one live though.
No kidding. This is one I would hope will get vetoed. Being in the position to not only collect from advertising dollars but also charge for delivery really sucks. I am not sure what grounds the FTC can stop it but hopefully someone will keep that zucker out of such a position of power.
I could care less who posts first although I do find it funny that there do seem to be at least a couple of folks that get some thrill from "being first" (to comment that is). I do really doubt that in this case there is some ulterior motive - if so maybe you could enlighten us to what that might be. Enquiring minds want to know. lol
Sounds like a possible theme for a game: Can you keep mgmt from falling like flies? Doesn't seeem to be any high scores yet.
This was all discussed (nay, beaten to death) a little while back on this site when the 256 vrs 512 debate came up before. There are good reasons that 512 is not needed (primarily a different footprint for the OS - the camera is smaller, no phone, no GPS, etc...) although many bemoaned Apple not just "throwing" it in. I would suggest a good look at the archives before this is rehashed yet once again.
Would seem rather an odd way to go - I assume only the 8GB phone?
I guess we won't be adding more storage or over-clocking this little bugger, but what really pisses me off is that they soldered the battery in so it is not user replaceable eh!
Dig it - the site I used was broken for the iPhone.
I guess I misspoke. It is probably a scaled back version of iOS (which is a scaled down version of Mac OS X). They just ripped out most of the UI and services that were not needed - I think that leaves you with BSD Unix on a Mach kernel with a then layer on top of it to handle the I/O and UI.I think they already have - you just described it: BSD Unix, Darwin, Foundation and App Kits, Touch and various other frameworks...
New Posts  All Forums: