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I think you are making to many assumptions here unless you actually have a 4G iPhone in hand. I think you will find that mileage will vary when installed on different hardware. I suspect your numbers are not anywhere near the 2% accuracy you imply with the deficit of 11MB.
Just exactly what are you smokin' dude and where do I get some? Your remarks are some of the most ridiculous I have read in years. Actually I guess the Mac was on the way out right after it was introduced by your way of thinking. It has been such a short run (26 yrs so far) and the slow death you are speaking of - do you count this in decades remaining or years?
I enjoyed this campaign. Apple got good mileage out of it. Farewell Justin and John...
Didn't realize that Adobe was in the advertising biz.
I am not sure that is accurate. Apple has purchased a lot of IP by acquiring companies of various sizes. It has been much more publicized to date with Apple and Google going for the same thing more than once. If anyone has any info for say the last 2 or three years I know I would be interested. If we go back far enough and start including things like iTunes and all the Pro apps then I think Apple wins.
No surprise here. FTC does not have the 'nads to stand up to Google. Besides, Apple provided a pretty good argument for them (iAd) - although I did not know that an announcement was considered competition (vaporware competition).
No wonder there are no iPads to be found in the stores!
So far I don't think licensing codecs is a problem - isn't H.264 royalty free for another 10 yrs or something like that? Why would we want one more codec - how about making things more simple (KISS principle)?
This is typical of the lack of respect for workers there. If there was actually a change I am sure it only came because of pressure from Apple et al. This is not something that is typical for a company there to do - unless it somehow saved money. Workers there are a commodity not human beings.
I don't know about anyone else but I have been hit by a bunch of adverts trying to get me to subscribe to GQ and other Conde Nast publications. They have a great opportunity (to really add to the content) with WIRED but I have not heard anything about it.
New Posts  All Forums: