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Probably overdue for as large as they have gotten. Hopefully he can improve already great products - I doubt he was hired to just have a sacrificial lamb if needed.
Situation Normal All Fvcked Up is a pretty good description for what that group has done. It reminds me of the ridiculous rumor and FUD that was spread about power transmission lines. The guy that started it all has retracted his statement. He was unfortunately misquoted (to the bad) several times and this really got blown out of proportion. Google it. I hope those lawmakers will realistically look at scientific data and make their decisions based on that and not...
Let them have UltraViolet. I don't suspect Apple is worried about yet another attempt at a new DRM to clog things up. So far Apple's approach seems to work well with music (little or none now) and movies work quite well and unintrusivly.
Please fix spelling of Andy's name - it is correct in the previous instances in this article.
I just booted my 128K Mac the other day to see if it still works - it does albeit slow. Much more concerned with the 400K disks of the era. Patience is definitely a virtue when booting one of these. BTW: I also have a 128K board that I upgraded to 512K but have not installed it and tried it - I also upgraded the ROMs on this to a pair of later release (thought I would leave the original in its original condition).
Cool! Great historical stuff - Atkinson's code is worthy of study, even today (26+ years later).
Much more likely a Trackpad with all the bells and whistles of a MB/MBP trackpad that could bring older notebooks up to date as well as being an option to the mouse for iMacs and Mac Pros. I would look for it to be about $69 and designed to fit nicely with and iMac and allow the gesture capabilities that the desktops don't have. I think it would be a wonderful replacement for my aging Kensington Trackball.
Suits! Suits! We don't need no stinking suits! Would have loved to have seen the look on the AT&T minions face. My apologies to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" & David Allan Coe/Johnny Paycheck.
Get a life - how were you harmed guys?
Duh, firmware/software are both programs. The firmware is stored in a different way (and place) than the rest of the software on the device and typically is non-volatile. In a device that keeps the software (applications) in SRAM it can be confusing since they both persist across launches. Firmware is typically much lower level stuff than your avg application and has access to things that as developers we don't (are not supposed to anyway) access.IHTH.
New Posts  All Forums: