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It will be interesting to see how long it takes someone to hack it to run iOS - big trick will be interaction though. I am sure this is why Apple did not make it run iOS in the first place.
At 2:03 Central time it says "iTunes 10 coming soon! Download 9 now!". Hey guys, don't miss that today deadline Steve announced or risk the wrath of Jobs. When a release is scheduled at Apple it seems like it always goes down to the wire and the various managers are running around working out last minutes details and gathering signatures (process description may be a bit dated since I was there but still rather harried I understand).
Don't mean to sound anal butt - on the slides it said AirPlay not Air Play. Makes more sense when you try to trademark it (if its at all possible).
Did you not watch the commercials (the slide was a bit unclear but the commercials showed it clearly) - FaceTime WILL use BOTH cameras in the Touch just like in the iPhone.
Must not have seen the same one as I did - the Steve Jobs I saw said (quite clearly in fact) that it "fix performance issues with 3G" as well as an number of other things. IHTH.
Some interesting ideas. I would think it would give the Android folks a new place to get ideas from since they don't mind things being a bit disjointed. But really, all in all a nice dog and pony show for Beta-ware. Also find the timing very interesting as Palm has always tried to one-up Apple. I don't think anything revealed here will steal the thunder from the Apple showcase tomorrow. I suspect Apple has a few tricks up it's sleeve. If the damn parts and case suppliers...
Seems like a re-run of the previous article except for not replacing the Shuffle.
AutoCAD is used by many more folx than just architects or even just those responsible for the design and construction of buildings. Many engineering disciplines rely on AutoCAD and third party extensions for designing, analyzing, and manufacturing or construction of many diverse products. This is why AutoCAD is still important. It seems the caveman is the one that thinks that the only place for CAD solutions is in architecture! Note: I do not own stock in, am not employed...
I remember it well. It was bad then (not very usable). They have learned that there is a GOOD market for products like that in the Mac world. They also learned that people want an application not an OS or dedicated workstation. This is a good thing™. So many have waited too long for this. I worked for a company that put together proposals in 1996 and again in 1997 to port the Windows version to the Mac (especially 3D modeling stuff). Autodesk felt the market was not right...
Whose damn needs are important then. My needs, desires and wants probably reflect as large of a segment of the population as anybody else's commenting here.WTF? Are you some wanna be analyst or AAPL shareholder that does not care about individuals wants/desire? I own AAPL stock too (got it at $18 when Apple was "dying") so I care very much about what sells. I never suggested that Apple ignore the product altogether -- just that a smaller form factor is not for me.You might...
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