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I find it interesting that when discuss cost you looked at the major component costs of hardware but didn't have anything in the mix for the software (iOS) which is a major cost (amortized across product lines and time). Putting in these component costs but nothing for software and manufacturing is a huge over site IMHO. Just my thoughts - could be I don't understand manufacture of a hard product (as opposed to software) since I have spent my career in software engineering...
I am pretty sure that Al would have loved your comment - made me chuckle. Thx
This may be all to obvious but have you tried trashing the prefs file and then restarting? Your issue sounds a bit different from what most are posting.Best of luck - I know how annoying it can be chasing something like this.BTW - I used Software Update on my 2007 iMac and had no problems at all. Sorry some are having problems.
please stay on-topic - Mr. H
What is a " iOS defvice"?
Are you saying that holiday sales will drop because of a spring offering? I don't think so for a product in the $500-$600 range. This is one piece of computer hardware that is attainable for even those on a restricted budget.
CheezWhiz - what a wonderful invention! LOL
IMHO I suspect its cause you tend to have to ask for everything, e.g., a recommendation as a part of the record if any attempted plea deal were to be worked out. The prosecutor also needs to specify the amount of funds they expect to recover and from where and then the defense gets to say oh that was money he made from his baseball card collection... Cheers
You must be kidding - with the good ole US Govt. typically forfeitures are kept be the govt to "help fight crime" cough-cough. I read about all the seizures of goods that a made and the govt almost always gets the proceeds unless they "victim" can show a loss. I suspect that is what Apple's civil lawsuit is all about. The govt won't want be voluntarily giving any money to anybody in a case like this - its is where part of the feds crime fighting budget comes from (there is...
I Still have my original 128K Mac and an extra motherboard that I modified to give it a whopping 512K (and replaced the original ROMs with EEPROM copies of the 'new' ROMs). Sold the Plus I owned - had upgraded it to a 68020 and 4 Meg RAM ( I think at that point one meg SIMMs were approx. $250.00 EACH. I had to sell it so I could afford my Mac II with a RGB monitor (and a free kong monitor). The Mac II easily cost $5000 even with my discount at the TAMU Bookstore Micro...
New Posts  All Forums: