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I'm sure - NOT! Google is not likely to do the right thing for their "clients". It opens them up to a potential HUGE liability. I would (more) expect to see them change their business model - possibly license Java for a small fee (from Oracle) and then pass that fee on - the handroid Phony makers don't have to pay anything now I believe - I suspect they would be willing to pay a small fee to continue their sales. Boy that would cut their profits even thinner though - but...
I won't bother to argue with you as so far I have seen nothing specific to argue - either way. I would however be very interested in an example or two of shrill comments (your words - not mine). I read this site daily along with a great majority of the comments but certainly not all so apparently I missed all these shrill comments. I calmly await your reply.
Yeah, it is amazing to me the stuff these self righteous igmoh's will post - sometimes as part of an argument about how their choice of phone, tablet or computer is obviously the only way to go. NOT. I say go try to help save someone else (NOT) cause your juvenile comments mean nothing to me other than the fact that you really have nothing important to say and WAY TOO MUCH TIME. Get a hobby, chill and get a life - try to enjoy being here in this age without bashing someone...
Pretty safe bet when you list a bunch of things and the disqualify almost half of them by using the word most! LMAO!
Actually the silence on the 3G is deafening - no support in 4.3 unless they decided to add it at the last minute (totally unprecedented). Bummer since my iPhone is a 3G - time to get a new 'un (will probably wait a bit for the 5 instead of jumping on the 4 now). \P.S. My apologies to Alice Cooper
I think he said it was one cable - 6 feet long. No matter the type port (HDMI or DP or VGA) you still have to have a cable to connect to the external device. At least in my world (the real world that is). Me thinks you protest too much!
Admittedly an aging freak (aka hippie for the younger crowd) that may not be up on the latest slang but joint? To me that is either jail, weed, dick or some mechanical fixture that allows motion about it - none of which I have ever witnessed Apple being in the business of peddling. Correct me if I am missing something here - inquiring minds want to know!
I'm only sure of one thing - that you have no idea of what role these devices play in any announcement about new product roll out.
There is always a trade off. Are you willing to add more thickness (fairly significant amount) to the iPad? I am but I think most would balk-Just my two cents.
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