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Any bozo can plead innocent (as he has) but with the case they have, and his 'consultees' giving him up, it is not going to be easy to defend. Can you say plea bargain? As far as using this for a defense it will not fly with the conflict of interest and a pattern of his 'clients' always getting his bids. It also won't take too much to get somebody to rollover with the inside info - these clients all claim it was before they were acquired by another company or by a former...
You can bet that has/will be taken care of. This is SOP. I suspect that along with the civil suit he was served with papers enjoining him from representing Apple and/or setting foot on Apple property. I am sure the suppliers have also been told he is no longer a rep. Even California employment laws cannot protect you when they document you being a thief (they have good security folks in Apple to make sure this stuff is very limited shall we say.)
It is normally referred to as "disassembling" or disassembly" - it is actually quite easy. Most any debugger that can handle stepping thru asm code can also display the code. It is however more difficult to shows the symbols and comments. Although symbols can be left in a compiled source and then shown in the disassembled code - the comments however would not be kept and would not be restored in the disassembly process. Also, most code these days is written in 'C' or some...
It has nothing to do with jailbreaking (although the exploit can be used for that). It does however have to do with fixing a security flaw. I personally rather like security fixes as soon as they are available. Did you ever stop to consider that the other issues are a bit more complex to fix and therefore take longer - or would you really advocate holding this till the other stuff could be fixed sometime later - didn't think so. As far as loving it - not nearly as much as...
Interesting - I assume they want to close the door behind themselves (i.e., jailbreak then patch).
I am quite interested in the harm that you see from this.As you might notice from my previous post I think that allowing reassignment of the buttons is a mistake and agree with Apple but I gotta ask: Just exactly what is this harm?
I understand both sides of the argument. You don't want developers willy-nilly remapping the use of buttons that are used for other things. On the other hand it is nice to have a button (or two) that are re-definable. HP did this on there early computers for quite a while and it was a nice feature (in its day). User interface design has moved on though and I think the Apple model is they way to go. Apple has shown with its GUI (say as opposed to Windows) that...
Dream on. Any other conspiracy theories you'd like to float?
My thoughts exactly - maybe the should fill the whole damn thing with epoxy. Then there wouldn't be all that space and we wouldn't have to endure 'teardowns' of chargers and AA cells. BTW: These are not batteries they are AA cells - multiple cells wired together equals a battery.
This patent shows the kind of innovation that Apple can bring to the Game.
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