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I wouldn't bet anything on that at all; in fact I would bet against it. Nov 2010 just does not make sense for delivery of the iPad -- that is right before the holiday season. Why not sell what they have now (from AAPL POV) and make what they will with that and then intro a new one in the early spring/late winter and have a huge demand for all those that have decided to wait for iPad 2. I really don't see the motivation from Apples POV to deliver a new iPad -- the biggest...
I guess it's good to see everyone up for the change. I don't see why this would be a surprise to anyone - I would assume they have lots of paying customers and they, like the FCC, want equal access for everyone! Lol
I am reading your post shortly after noon CDT. Apple tends to post updates mid to late day. I would not have even expected the rumored update until at least an hour or so from now and I assume you posted this much earlier. WTF? Give Apple a chance -- it would also be a very quick update cycle for them to release the update this quick. They are more likely, IMHO, to wait a few days and validate with real QC and make sure there is not anything else to roll into the update....
Not quite along the lines of what I was thinking but I am sure there will be tales to tell from the group at Tech Support chosen for this duty. Can't wait for the stories.
Great job - you managed to hijack the topic so that over a dozen of the lasts post had NOTHING to do with the article. Go to the forums or somewhere else but not here for random ramblings with no relevance to the article.
I am assuming a verification query includes things like eligibility for upgrades and not just activation. I was actually one of those people trying to verify that I could upgrade since the media was indicating that I could but AT&T was not indicating same. After numerous tries I finally got thru and was indeed given my correct status (upgrade at $199 waiving $18 fee). I actually did not plan on ordering that day but did want to be able to plan for the near future (looks...
High international sales is not a suprise since they are rolling this phone out much earlier for the international community.
Android does not have anything I need - especially the OS. I will stick with iOS thank you very much.
This is standard practice. Nothing new here.
I don't particularly like Theme v2. Reminds me of a Win app actually.
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