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Never say never - may be a hard lesson he will learn.
I think you may be correct but the stronger bet is that the $3.9B had at least a substantial portion of it going for screens. Apple has said that if they could have gotten more screens they would built/sold more iPhones.
Great - So I install it, hate it then I have all this crap left behind when I try to uninstall it. No thanks. BTW: This appears to be a portion of the previous article reposted - whats up?
I would hope that he can hold his tongue. Even if he doesn't agree with the lifestyle, its hard to argue the mans abilities and track record. Another big thing he has going is that Steve picked him AND the board has given its blessing. The other thing is its hard to throw stones if you live in a house that had more Vicodin and Oxycontin pass through it than your local Walgreens.
I agree but had to laugh - the word is spelled "article" - were you maybe thing of where (Cal) Apple corporate/main campus is located?
Part of the problem has been due to light leakage (if we can believe previous stories). Clear tends to be even more difficult to use as a light barrier than white. I would tend to think a redesign would be required (maybe not major) which makes it much more than just leaving the paint off. Also the thickness of the paint is taken into account, or possibly not, in this case, when building this type of device so that creates another sticking issue. (Sorry for the puns, I...
At first I thought this was sick sarcasm but I now tend to think not. On other news the sky is falling and isn't that your ass that is on fire? Back to the studio for not news...
Never planned to attend. It was different when AT&T was the sole provider. Now if the CEO showed up it could look like AT&T had fallen out of favor instead of Apple just making the right, next move, to expand the installed base of users and sell more iPhones/iPads.
When prices go wacky (read LOW) it is the time to jump in and make some good moola. AAPL will rebound from whatever it drops to plus more. If heads remain calm (except for those that are almost always naysayers) the stock should do well since Apple will be reporting on a great quarter. I guess the only thing that could throw a (short term) wrench in the works is the wording of the report (e.g., not enough supplies to meet our needs so are forecasting n/2 sales instead of...
I feel selfish in saying this but I hope we get him back. I hope this is not all of 'Jobs at Apple. His vision and direction has been critical. I know as much as we will miss his direction and insight his family will miss him more. Steve is much more than an incredible businessman, visionary, and leader. Those close to him at work no how harsh and biting he can be. Those that know him personally know he is just as passionate (if not more so) regarding his love and caring...
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