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What, me worry about privacy? I am sure that the govt folx with access to these devices will only use them for good and there is no way one of these could get into someone else's hands that might misuse them.   I know lets ask Edward Snowden. He was with the NSA and knows about these things.
I am with you on this and I will be one of the first in line for these (that first gen is getting a little long in the tooth, although my second geb is still great). Amazing that the first one is still chugging along with no problems (4.5 years old) - built to last (same with the 2nd gen).
Diff subject kinda, but do you (or anyone else) know why the Elpida SRAM referred to in bits, i.e. 4Gb and the Sandisk/Toshiba Flash DRAM in bytes, i.e. 8 GB. Is there some context where SRAM memory might be accessed in nibbles or some other strange word size that would make using bytes ungainly as opposed to bits?
I agree. Too bad no apologies for AI misrepresentation in the first story. The headline blamed on the iPad. It may have been a third party app but being a pilot myself, I would now take the extra step of having a couple folx that tested the new pages. Too many lives on the line to not double, triple check this. I am amazed that Jeppesen let this get thru - bugs happen but someone in QA needs to seriously rethink there testing.
My system is up to date and I am running Safari and I loaded the article from the home page of AI (original). No joy!
 This does not watch unles you have the one finger tap enabled above (which I usually don't cause I like the feedback 'click' and get spurious 'clicks' if I leave it checked). So it only seem to work on the Magic Track Pad and (I assume any laptop) and then only if you select both one-finger and 3-finger tap lookup. The Video does not show up in Safari.
 I agree 100% I was one of those 128K Mac buyers that quickly cut a trace or two and solder in a component or two to take advantage of the ability it had builtin to support 512K. I also installed a third party 68020 upgrade and third party sockets so I could upgrade to 2GB ram in my Plus. Wouldn't have thought of that after the SE and II came out. Not to take away from the main point of your comment but I was surprised by only a single port -- and its not MagSafe!
Damn! I even looked it up on the internet but screwed the pouch typing it. Fixed it. Thanx.
Really? The spirit of the rules? In the famous words of the late Emily Litilla (Gilda Radner):  "Never mind".
New Posts  All Forums: