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 How can you claim it is bogus when it is the rules (as mentioned in the article). If they don't like it then sure, appeal, but don't call something bogus cause you decide now that they are enforcing it is bogus.
 True enough -- but I thought it was funny that you chose the example that seemed to be so obviously common sense. Not trying to dis you -- I was shocked when I first encountered this with my VW (also pissed) but now laugh. I meant no offense and do agree with your final stmt. Have a good day,Cheers.
 You laugh but I know for a fact that Volkswagen and Volvo both sold there cars and Ford sold their trucks with the tires and wheels as an option (at least previous to now*). I have owned more than one of each and in each case the tires & wheels were added as an option. These were not any kind of fancy upgrade, they simply were not included in the sales price. I remember asking with my convertible Rabbit if I could take delivery without VW tires/wheels and the answer was...
It may seem so but I am not in a pissing war with you. True a password like you present is much more secure than 4321. So, that being said it is more difficult but your statement that "If you use something other that a 4 digit password, it can not be broken." is pure unadulterated horse sh!t. It takes a bit longer but to use the absolute "it can not be broken" is just not true. 
 Thanks for pointing out my error. WhatI meant was that if you leave an intentional backdoor in place you have made your device vulnerable at a level that it was not before. You now have a group of people (some within the govt) that are willing to share, for a price, another way in that may not leave any footprints.
 Where did you study your cryptography? I cannot believe that you could make such a blatant mistake. 5 or even 6 digits is nothing to get past compared to 4.
 The thing YOU don't get is that once a backdoor is in place (no matter its intention) it will take those with other than so-called legal access via court order etc… a very short time to uncover this backdoor and make the encryption all but useless. Look back at Jailbraking and unlocking of iPhones -- people like you cried that it was your right to have it open. Well Android is living proof that simply does not work. Same with the copy protection put in place for Bluray...
You said it not me, it is a hack (as in quick and dirty)! Nothing more, nothing less. There is a reason Apple has not allowed interpreters/emulators, etc… and that is because of the potential for nastiness. This "solution" is IMHO not worth the hassles you will end up with it because of it. Apple has not vetted it -- Gobble is not standing by it. IMHO take a cold shower to ease that woody and then have some patience.
And so you are claiming that Okies aren't crazy ¡ Reminds me of the punchline to a joke: "I maybe crazy, but I'm not stupid".
Well said. I don't see much of anything that could be said to have been added to require planned obsolescence. I think that expecting any computer these days to perform all the same tasks it did when it was new is ridiculous. I used to buy a new development machine every 18-24 months (back in the M6800x0 and PPC days) but have now found that by buying BTO machines with the fastest processor, highest resolution & largest display and top of the line GPU in an iMac format...
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