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  @nht: Maybe you should take time to proof read your work before slinging mud (at an author John Gruber aka Daring Fireball). You took the time to get the link and and reference it in your trashing of DED. Why not take the care to double check your work first?  Besides, DED may not even wear a hat ¡ Peace.
The display is just gorgeous and the all-in-one earphone combo mic was obviously designed for the monaural audiophile to wear not only for comm and music but as a fine fashion accessory. One might imagine that it got pulled on advice from legal due to neck strain (since there is no counter weight the balance the audio gear it might have left them open for a class action suit) ¡
 They can easily add 'tactile touch' with haptic feedback where appropriate and since buttons, icons, shutter control etc... might be desirable to have the application that is running would give the feedback at the correct physical place. I see no problem with having scrollbars along the sides - in fact I prefer the fact that I would not have to always have to touch my content and get finger prints on my screen. What a joy!
 Yeah, and not an easy one to handle delicately...  
 I was getting a big ole chubby till I read that it was for "educational institutions only" - time for a cold shower I guess ¡ Really is great for the educ mkt but boy I can see it now, it is gonna cost Apple a lot to repair those in the public educe mkt (thinking K-12).E-mail from Apple repair:7 of the 10 iPads you returned for repair had be exposed to moisture (from the smell I'd say in the toilet) of those 5 had foot prints on the screen and 9 of 10 had video camera on...
 The substitution of the single parenthesis is the lazy way of what was commonly done on the typewriter which was to type a open paren then backspace and type a closed paren - which was actually a substitution for § (opt-5) in the style / header of the case. I agree that is not very clean looking on the form but there is a whole lot more to complain about than that. Who about the content and the use of double negatives for one.
 Is this the gentile version of the dock (as opposed to the Jewish ¡)?
 Although the kanji ideograms used in Japanese and Chinese may have a similar look there is a huge difference in the number of kanji characters that are used is overwhelmingly larger in Chinese than in Japanese. I understand the possible use of the larger screen for the Chinese syllabaries (which are much more dense and complex) while the Japanese is much more airy.
I love it. I don't think Apple was price fixing anymore than Amazon was. Amazon just didn't like Apple playing in their sandbox. LMAO   Of course we will have to wait for the yo-yo togo up and down a couple more times before we can get an answer that may stick (for awhile).
 I think your comment should have  @Haggar. I never said (nor do I believe) Sculley was right. I made a sarcastic remark ( denoted on this board by: ¡ ). Though possibly in poor taste re: Steve Job's passing It was never my intention to acquiesce to Sculley's position.
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