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  I was rather hoping for an ice and water dispenser (I guess that would require a water supply or a NASA built condenser to suck moisture out of the air, or a long hose).
  Do they have a legit store? I thought it was more of a malware/trojan/virus/spyware/stolen content swap meet. I guess I just missed it among all the other stuff they copied. /s
    Just because you think that spewing pustule is a work of art makes in of no more value than some of the other crap I have seen. One persons 'art' is another person's sh*t. The original artist didn't even put lipstick on their pig!
  By what logic? He simply asked if Roku paid for -- which itself could be considered biased itself. I'm kind enough to let the one slide since both your brain cells were tied up while trying to be cute.   "Now hearing all news (as requested by StuckPaper):" So you don't get those synaptic gaps tangled up again another reader actually provided an actual source for the answer. (@StuckPaper: I assumed you did not really mean all news as this site simply won't take posts...
  My thoughts exactly. The Americas Cup Race is about to become the Embarrassment Cup Race. Larry, stick to your sailboat racing since you obviously know so much more about it (maybe he really wanted submarine races but this is the best they could compromise on). LMAO!
      They don't get it. They don't understand a legal case about IP is rather simple, or they don't care. Their argument is about as sharp as the earth is round, an orange is round so the earth must be an orange   To paraphrase Paula D. "they is what they is".
  So Googles attitude is since there are already issues with security, why bother with having (i.e., fixing) security on parts of the system where they can through up a barrier. Seems to me they are saying "Well they got hold of the computer so we might as well give them access to everything else this person has access to."   Do no evil. Yeah...
Interesting - at least that screen shot makes it look like a less cluttered Samdroid phone. Seems like another company has announced and is shipping betas of a cleaner, lighter OS. Could it be... gasp ...iOS 7? What a coincidence. I do appreciate the general palette choice for the colors as dork (or is that dark) is the new light. Gloomy. Good luck fellas creating a new ecosystem to compete with the 2 big boys that count now. I have this nagging feeling that several...
  Your comments about photogrammetry are amusing. The paneling markers themselves would be a huge (and might I say expensive) job involving not only common plane surveying but taking into account the curvature of the earth. There is also the minor problem of foliage and inaccessible terrain. These special cameras do not get the kind of resolution you want while trying to get "thousands of square miles at a time".     Interesting but my phone does not yet have a Ctrl key...
  Sounds like you were listening to me. LMAO.
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