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 I was not aware the number of observers being only 10 -- do you have a link to that? That 10 sounds small unless you are one that has not gotten a ticket this year, or last or the one before because of the ridiculous amount of time the sell out in. Just a thought but maybe they could rank your odds by how many times you have missed out on the lottery (of course that does not do any good for those of us that were too late the previous years). Idea being spread it around.
 I think its great that a bunch of new folks are there. I for one do not work for one of those "rich" firms that scoop up tickets... I am self employees and when I go its all on me. Travel, meals, ground transportation, lodging, etc. @Corrections: The value of the seats (i.e., tickets allowing admittance) is not in being able to see a talk. It is in the lab time with Engrs. The networking with others in the same or similar business. Other than a larger venue I am not sure...
Yup, great idea -- when the developers have been put into a lottery for every precious seat. I hope this is a one time experiment cause as a developer that wanted to attend but did not get to it pisses me off. Before anyone says it -- the videos are nice but far from actually being there at the session.
 I have my shirt (light blue work shirt with the Apple Computer Inc logo - complete with construction lines). It has an Architectural theme. It came with a folder w/ pad that was covered in clear (matte) plastic and printed with the same theme art. Last day (Friday) before leaving they gave us a nice heavy beer stein again with the same art. I had all three, shirt never worn, pad only used for limited notes at conference and my immaculate beer mug. Almost 1 year to the day...
 I am trying to learn here so no DIS intended. Can you give me a couple of countries where this is the case? I am not aware of any myself (doesn't mean they do not exist) and I know I would like to know now the name of this type English ( e.g., US, US PC, US Extended, British, British PC...). I find it interesting that Apple is a collective noun or a verb - having trouble with the verb part myself. Best wishes.
 Really!  When are the going to have the pane-o-glass touch scene (finger print proof) with the XBit super-ethernet that is lit inside so it can't be read from both directions? "Security, security, we don't need no stinkin security ¡"* Of course the mech HD should be gone and all memory is shared in one giant pool that serves all systems and can be reallocated on the fly.  *Apologies to B. Traven's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Just bought a BTO with the 3.7gHz i7 Quad...
  @nht: Maybe you should take time to proof read your work before slinging mud (at an author John Gruber aka Daring Fireball). You took the time to get the link and and reference it in your trashing of DED. Why not take the care to double check your work first?  Besides, DED may not even wear a hat ¡ Peace.
The display is just gorgeous and the all-in-one earphone combo mic was obviously designed for the monaural audiophile to wear not only for comm and music but as a fine fashion accessory. One might imagine that it got pulled on advice from legal due to neck strain (since there is no counter weight the balance the audio gear it might have left them open for a class action suit) ¡
 They can easily add 'tactile touch' with haptic feedback where appropriate and since buttons, icons, shutter control etc... might be desirable to have the application that is running would give the feedback at the correct physical place. I see no problem with having scrollbars along the sides - in fact I prefer the fact that I would not have to always have to touch my content and get finger prints on my screen. What a joy!
 Yeah, and not an easy one to handle delicately...  
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