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 Not all hardware currently in US will support Mavericks. My daughter is using an iMac that meets her needs but will not accept anything above 10.7.5. It would be nice if we could all be on the same system but I don't have the $ while this machine is still functioning at a very reasonable pace (95% of what she does is browse the internet).
   This certainly more than justifies the need for the so-called iPad Pro (12.9" diag screen with 4 Ultra HiDef Screen)¡
 Have you heard of sarcasm? At least I assumed that was what it was based on the stmts. LMAO
 You certainly seem to be free of any bias¡
 True. Everyone knows you should be wearing tin foil underwear also...
 The dev site has the current version at 11D167.
 It most certainly did in the 7.0.2 release. I remember that I was surprised by it. I think it may be setting dependent (wired vas wi-fi) on how you sync & what but can't tell until I update more phones (and some that didn't ever have pre-release systems).
 I think your use of the phrase "riding a horse bareback" is a misuse although I assume I get your insensitive comment - was it a weak attempt at sarcasm? Riding a horse bareback is riding without without a saddle and/or bridle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bareback_riding whereas hooking up bareback is sex without a condom. If I am naive then please explain. 
 That is a very broad stmt to make without any specifics. CarPlay appears to be an API to connect to iPhones. If you look at the three bigees that showed their implementations/usage of CarPlay they demonstrate how much the use can vary. Some were much more refined than others. A couple showed very nice ways of having them coexist with their "house" system.
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