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 That is a very broad stmt to make without any specifics. CarPlay appears to be an API to connect to iPhones. If you look at the three bigees that showed their implementations/usage of CarPlay they demonstrate how much the use can vary. Some were much more refined than others. A couple showed very nice ways of having them coexist with their "house" system.
   Get a life. 18 years at one company these days is a lifetime and as for a Apple sinking all I can say is they have one hell of a life raft that just seems to get better all the time.
 IMHO, their is a huge diff between being Godlike and being God. You are however free to worship Whoever or whatever you like. (Seems like this should be a corollary to Godwin's Law.)
 Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook admitted in January that the market share taken by the iPhone 5c was lower than he and other officials expected it would be... ...Cook said last week that sales of the iPhone 5c are outpacing its predecessor, which was previously the mid-range iPhone 4s. Apple continues to set record quarterly iPhone sales... [not to mention record profits]. --------------------------------------------------- I re-read the article and I can't find anywhere...
Removed by author. What is with having to reply in HTML?
 Hate to sound ignorant but WTF is a "clod jellied eel" (not that I want one - just curious)?
 Ever heard of a mistake, just maybe? WAG on my part but seems reasonable. Possibly when business hours start there will be a short press release?
 Parking at Apple is not reserved - i.e., higher ups get better parking. Its first come first serve.
 Early supercomputers  were supercooled -- and modern computers typically have a large cooling system (i.e., thermal paste, heat sinks, fans, venting, etc...). I is pretty easy to conclude that an extreme temperature in either direction would have an effect - especially on the interconnect between ICs and the board they are mounted on since the materials are usually made of very different materials. Call this a a guess if you like but a bit of research would answer your...
New Posts  All Forums: