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Is this the new iMac Pro? This may be a reason to go back to the desk lamp screen mount, cause I want a 40" 4K display -- how many video "cards" do you think it will support? Just Imagine all that resolution and not a drop of content - Yeah Baby¡ Edit: Sorry I did not read the rest of the posts before putting this up -- so the other version is sort of a Segway/iRobot Mac?
I installed the first Developer Preview and those since on a separate partition. I can play with it and look at the new features, test apps under dev and other 3rd party apps but I don't have to worry about what is missing or not working. I would suggest the same for others unless you do have an idle or spar Mac. It is Beta i.e. not ready for prime time.   Good luck and enjoy (and don't complain when it crashes or your mail won't work - BTW Disk Utility app "Repair...
 1. YES. Hardware IS Apples game - it is why they are so profitable. 2. Maybe you were not around for the clone debacle http://www.macworld.com/article/1133598/macclones.html Steve fixed that when he came back. 3. Steve also fixed that when he came back. He killed all the superfluous hobbies, clones, the Performa (over 30 models of these in 5 yrs), and got back to a core of 4 products*.  Those who do not study history are doomed to relive it. (In case you forgot Apple was...
 Really big if! Hell Google can't keep Android "...functioning somewhat like Android...". Lotsa Luck!
 More like a sumo bout ... 
 Neither does your use of the english language but that still tells me nothing more than one spec. Specs are meaningless, performance counts & we won't know that until it is real.
 Another reliable analyst, Kim Jong-un, says that Apple already tested the iWatch. He reports the sizes as being 4.7" and 5.5" but declined to comment further citing his NDA with Apple.¡
Not that I have heard.Apple to partner with Shazam for song recognition in iOS 8 ...
Did not mean to offend. This was intended to be a bit of sarcasm (my apologies if there really is an International Underwater Basket Weavers Association). I thought about tagging ( /s or ¡ ) but figured it was obvious -- apparently not.
 What the hell is next? The International Underwater Basket Weavers Association?
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