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  Still down for me...
  +1 I'm sure not getting paid will do a lot for the quality of the music we will listen too. As much as I enjoy playing my guitar as a hobby I wouldn't do it for a living if all I was gonna get was a pass of the hat at the end of the nite (with the way I play they may be some wanting to take money out LOL). You really think the big bands from the 60's thru the 80's that sweated out in beer joints for free beer or a $200 a nite would have stuck with it all the years they...
    Vinyl DOES sound better than digital (in most cases). Read up on it to learn why. The conditions have to be right but there is a noticeable difference (unless your your blew your hearing out at too many concerts LOL).   It makes me sad to think that I sold all my half-speed masters 15 years ago (along with my turntable) cause I was in need of the cash. 
          The release notes say: "Fusion Drive volumes created with Developer Preview 3 are not compatible with OS X version 10.8.4 or earlier."   Their is no indication that this will be the final state of Mavericks when released (RTM). A lot of things change for one reason or other - if this is a permanent change their may by a migration plan by then (of course nothing says it will work for DIY solution).   I wouldn't expect Apple to lock out DIY fusion solutions since...
  Yeah, hard to believe that Apple, as cash strapped as they are, would spend this relatively small amount of money to give back to there customers. Next thing you know they will give away 100 free songs to press members. Or maybe free cases to people that perceive a weaker antenna signal cause of the unusual way they hold it. Or a refund to original iPhone owners after they decided to drop the price a couple months after intro. Of course there are those that think that...
  Or better yet board it up and let it sit empty for a couple years while the work on the revisions. These things do take time.
      @anonymouse:   I guess that means me too since I prefer choice.
  I've got a wild idea! Let the user do it both ways. It could even have a place to select which model the user prefers (they could even have a window where the user could decide which one they prefer and call it Preferences). I think I remember seeing something like this before in Mail, or was it iTunes, I know it was the Finder, naw maybe it was...   Note to self: better trademark that term 'Preferences' before someone else claims it is too generic. 
I agree 101%. I use mine both ways (with the cover) depending on the task. I also suspect this is why Apple designed the iPad cover the way they did - it works either portrait or landscape. I do realize they came out with a case later that is probably better at protecting the screen when that occasional slip happens and it lands on a corner (resulting in screen breakage.
  1. I love Dish for their satellite content delivery. The software they produce and ship S*CKS and is buggy as hell. It look like a cross between Win 3.1 and Win 8 (the worst parts of both). Can you tell I am not a MS fan.   2. If they change the name it most certainly should not be a derivative of Softbank which sounds like an elitist club for the severely testosterone deprived.   /s BTW: I am not homophobic.
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