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Wow. So five people with nothing but lame attacks and distractions from the content of Jessi's post and only one person who actually dealt with the content. Thank you for actually addressing the content and helping everyone on the forum better understand what's going on! Double points for not attacking and just informing!
Thanks for the video links, they were good!
Then:---- I've been reading AppleInsider for years, AI really needs to create a community spam/troll list so that people with history of this are automatically hidden from public (non-login viewers). Why? Because I don't log in when I read the comments, which means I have to read over all the trolls comments as well. AI is big enough that it doesn't need to tolerate all the extra baggage of trolls.
- I would disagree on this point. Care to link to any recent data that would show this? I call BS on this.- I disagree on the point of iMac, Flash and Real Player. If you have any data other than your anecdotal experiences then I would look at it. People tend to know Real Player if they've ever had to use it because it tends to be annoying (like Flash it draws attention to itself) and causes the user to do something (like download a plugin). It's pretty clear on...
- News organizations (online, print, and TV), blogs, and every other reporting outlet didn't get the memo as they have talked/written about the lack of Flash since the beginning. Does the average Joe in your world subscribe or hear to any of the above and/or have friends that also don't?- Okay, a geek (you) is willing to make such a trade-off. Some other geek had to make the decision for the average Joe who doesn't know what Flash is (according to you) and so made the...
That seems to be a huge stretch given Apple's track record with iOS devices, customer satisfaction rates, and high demand for iOS devices. That is pretty bad speculation on your part. Flash has not been shown yet to be a huge sales hindrance, and people already know iOS devices don't do Flash. Why would people return a product from an OS that hasn't supported flash since the beginning, a CEO whose written an open letter about his stance on it, I mean c'mon.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume "sure have" to mean: #1: Watched a week straight of Glenn Beck on Fox News #2: You've watched them in their entirety #3: Watched a recent episode. Original Quote by me for which you responded to:Given the above to be true, can you recall the specifics of a recent particular episode that you had problems with? The likelihood being, I would have watched the same episode. I'm trying to drill down specifically to your own...
This is interesting. Have you watched a week straight of Glenn Beck on Fox News? How many shows of Glenn Beck in real time have you watched (full episodes)? Anything (complete episodes) recent from his show at all?
You extended an analogy which was clearly crafted for limited scope of "imagination" to absurdity. It's not my fault your reasoning skills and comprehension of English is so horrible. Trumptman already responded to the rest of your post.
#1: The founding fathers were well aware of history up to their time. The "rich" class have always figured out how to somehow become "richer" by past comparison. Only an unaware fool (or someone who doesn't know economics like yourself - as you yourself have previously admitted)* could not imagine that this progression would continue. #2: No one contended hard drives put food on the table. Are you arguing with yourself? (Rhetorical question just so your not...
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