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A good point about the easy accessibility development on Apple devices.   Also, no doubt some of the accessibility work is still done by iOS, and then transmitted back to Watch OS. I don't know the details.
I was wondering just how accessibility would be carried over into the Watch OS. I am impressed as to how complete the carryover has been from iOS. My congratulations and appreciation to the Apple software engineers involved.
I see on MacRumors that, "In an effort to address the threat, Apple has now updated its "Xprotect" anti-malware system to recognize two different variants of the iWorm malware and prevent them from being installed on users' machines."   To me, any request to install an anti-virus program in response to a rumored security flaw is a red flag. Stick to trusted sources, such as Apple.   Your best defense is to stay informed, and to be skeptical.
Many of posters here on AI misunderstand. Peer review trumps you and me. Best intellectual innovation ever.
I have always enjoyed Anand's Apple product reviews. I well remember his testing of the A7 SoC, and how that review changed the initial scoff reaction to that SoC.
I think the new Accessibility API, announced in WWDC 2014, will be of help to OS X developers, and encourage better accessibility support and features in OS X applications.   As for the AFB, I can't speak to their positions, since I am a low-vision person, and not totally blind. The point I want to make here…is that there is a range of different types of disabilities, and variation of opinions among disabled people on various topics…just like that of the public at large....
My eyes are very sensitive to bright lights, and normally I view the display in Inverse Colors. Then, if I need to see images correctly, I use a short-cut key to quickly switch back to normal display mode. So, I am interested in 'dark mode', but the question is…how many screen elements will have the 'dark mode' capability? Apparently the top menus and dock are included. Will the screen background, application sidebars, or other textual areas on applications go 'dark'? Will...
I have to agree, that the NYT article on Tim Cook's stewardship of Apple, was terrible. Basically, the authors did not appreciate how significant WWDC 2014 really was, in terms of software development: especially the iOS and OS X extensions newly available to third-party developers, the new 'Continuity' features, and not even a mention of the new system language called Swift.   Instead, the authors fell back on commentators of dubious technical experience, such as...
I have had a Doxie Go for a number of years, and highly recommend it for people with poor vision. I use it primarily to read the important documents that come in my physical mailbox, and not by email. The OCR accuracy is very good, and I end up reading searchable PDFs on my zoomed 24 inch 2007 iMac. I have most of my business correspondence sent by email, and most businesses are happy to oblige, because electronic mail is cheaper than paper mail.   And yes, that 2007...
I picked up on Tim Cook's reference to the blind in his response during that Apple shareholder meeting. As a person who is both visually and aurally impaired, Apple has my confidence, based on their track record, that they will provide a reasonable fix.
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