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I picked up on Tim Cook's reference to the blind in his response during that Apple shareholder meeting. As a person who is both visually and aurally impaired, Apple has my confidence, based on their track record, that they will provide a reasonable fix.
I have one of those 'streamers' that connects my hearing aids to my 3rd generation iPad via Bluetooth. Works great with the Music and Podcast apps, and also with the VoiceOver screenreader. Yes, it is expensive, but if you need it, you are glad to have this option.   The first items I saw regarding 'Made for iPhone' hearing aids were iOS apps that allowed a hearing aid user to manipulate various hearing aid controls. To me that was not was much of an advance,...
Lucky me…IMovie 10.0.1 works on my 2007 iMac with an ATI HD2600 Pro video card of 256KB VRAM. OS X is at 10.9 Mavericks. I probably will get another iMac next year, just because this set of components is getting more outdated than I like. This iMac has provided great value for the original cost.
Because the 2006 iMac has a Core Duo CPU, which is 32-bit. ML and Mavericks are 64-bit OS(s) only.   http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_Duo/
I am in a similar situation, with a mid-2007 iMac, 4GB of RAM, and ML installed. The machine is still going strong. The original internal HDD is backed up via TM, with a newer external HDD connected to a Firewire 800 port.   With Mavericks installed in the future, there should be some additional performance benefits -- due to Memory Compression and Timer Coalescing system software enhancements.   Edit: Ignore Timer Coalescing, which intended to lengthen battery...
"…to read aloud more than 1.8 million titles from the Kindle Store."   Always glad to hear of new iOS apps supporting VoiceOver. Cocoa does most of the enabling  automatically. As I understand it, developers generally need to add some additional labeling to screen elements where needed.
You are presumptuous and disrespectful.
"Labor advocate challenges accuracy of NYT report on Apple, Foxconn" Above is the AI headline. I looked up the membership list of this non-profit organization. It is all corporate with some educational institutions having associative membership. http://www.bsr.org/en/our-network/member-list
I entirely agree.
I would add that posters in this forum cannot easily determine the truth of the allegations. We are outside of a country that has tight information controls.
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