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I first encountered DED on his blog, Roughly Drafted, which then mentioned his appearances on The Tech Night Owl Live with Gene Steinberg (which I haven't listened to in a long time...I know there were some financial issues and some personal things going on with him and his family so I'm not sure it's still going on) and often the quality of the audio on DED's part was "echo-y" (sorry I don't know the audiophile terms) but there would be some guests on that show that...
Ok are you saying this beta is a developer only update or that once 8.2 is finalized (GM?) and released it will only be a developer update? I understand betas being developer only, but if this is released to all end users, will it include bug/security fixes and other changes or just include compatibility for AppleWatch?
So, basically, if you don't plan on getting the AppleWatch (which I don't)...don't bother installing this update? Or will there be some bug fixes and other assorted odds and ends? I like to stay current, but if this only implements compatibility with AppleWatch, I'll hold off till 8.3...or is that likely to end up as iOS 9?
So is this a case of righteous indignation about the working conditions in China or because your Mac died because of supposed planned obsolescence? First of all, Apple (all other OEMs too) can't guarantee perfection. The best they can do is replace under warranty or replace due to a very common issue even after warranty*. A lot of Apple's products come out with issues. Some get a firmware update. Some get replaced immediately upon arrival. Some get recalled altogether and...
I'm not entirely sure it's acurate to claim this couldn't happen in the US. There are many "mystery box" items for sale here where you do get a list of the odds for getting any of the items in the box. You pay the same amount no matter how rare the item inside might be. For example: My fiancee collects VinylMation Disney figures. They are almost always in a mystery box (I think you can get some where you know exactly what's in the box but they are generally special edition...
Is it just me or does that just seem a bit unsafe with no wheel covering? You know the wheels on skateboards are well in front and behind and out of the way of feet. This thing has your feet literally an inch or two away from a giant powered wheel. One little instance of loss of balance and a foot might collide with that wheel and make an ordinary wipeout even more painful or harder to recover from. Maybe its just me.
Or...Apple I: Jobs' HopeApple II: The Board Strikes BackApple III: Return of the Jobs..."i"
I code by hand with an app called Textastic. I'm only a novice right now doing simple pages with some JS and CSS3 animations and transitions. I never liked Dreamweaver much so I began teaching myself how to code by hand rather than with a WYSIWYG editor. I still think Adobe should do CS on iPad...even if it isn't full-blown versions like the desktop apps.
No. As mentioned above, I use a ClamCase to type on. For my artwork and graphic design, I use apps like iDraw and Procreate which work well with a touchscreen interface. Procreate even makes good use of my Wacom BT stylus. Also, I'm talking about proof printing of design...just simply printing a proof to be approved by a client. A lot of people are still stuck on this ridiculous idea that iPads (and strangely mostly just iPads) are content consumption devices not suited at...
I do a fair amount of email, word processing, web development (only a hobby right now), graphic design and even some proof printing. The apps are there...some you can take, some you can leave. I think as time goes on they will become more powerful and better designed, but they do exist. Right now I'm looking for an InDesign/Quark style app. Quark actually makes one, but it's garbage...even Microsoft Publisher puts it to shame...and that's bad. Really bad.
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