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You do realize that the iPhone 5C is free on contract, and regularly sells for $209 refurbished on eBay, right?
 Federicon Viticci makes a great point over at MacStories.net: "The iPad is on the cusp of becoming a completely new computer. This is not an overstatement. Anyone who uses the iPad enough has known for a long time that the device could be capable of a lot more, and iOS 9 is Apple’s answer. Last night, I was watching John Gruber’s live interview with Phil Schiller on my iPad, and I realized that I wanted to read people’s reactions on Twitter. I instinctively reached out to...
 I too have an iPad Air and haven't really seen the need to upgrade in the near future, but the fact that multi-app multitasking will only support Air 2 and up has led me to reconsider that stance. I may end up getting an Air 3 after all.
 You know, it does remind me a lot of when QuickTime X came out and the look of the video window was so different from any other window on OS X since there was no chrome on it anywhere and you only saw control when hovering over it. It was like a glossy window into another full-screen device running the video and was really different from every other window design. While Apple has reduced in-window controls in some of their more recent apps (see iOS Safari when scrolling...
This looks like a really cool and useful feature (I know I'll use it), but somehow also distinctly un-Apple-like. I'm not saying it's bad or anything – I just feel that this doesn't fall along most of their design thinking. I'm so used to them going with a "purity of design", focused windows, nothing "messily placed just anywhere" sort of thinking (especially on the iPad) that this feels very out of character for Apple. I'm interested in seeing if we see more of these...
What I got after submitting a tip.  
I'm thinking along the lines of Hodinkee and Vogue. And yes, there are already several articles about the Apple watch on many of these mags. I'm just surprised we haven't yet seen an official review using a unit from Apple today. 
For those who want to read all the reviews (not just the 4 listed here), here are links to the rest I've found.   Wall Street Journal Bloomberg Business Re/code The Verge   New York Times Mashable Techpinions USA Today CNet Independent.co.uk Daring Fireball   Biggest surprise to me: can't seem to find any reviews by fashion mags.
 At WWDC Apple said that iCloud Photo Library would have “Every photo you take. On all your devices.” After doing further research, it looks like this actually meant moving from the free Photostream to a paid iCloud Photo Library. I assumed it was free since it was replacing the old photostream.
And yet they promise to do exactly that with everyone's pictures and videos. Unlimited storage. So what about messages? Or do I have to actually save it to my photostream to have it backed up permanently?
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