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I'm thinking along the lines of Hodinkee and Vogue. And yes, there are already several articles about the Apple watch on many of these mags. I'm just surprised we haven't yet seen an official review using a unit from Apple today. 
For those who want to read all the reviews (not just the 4 listed here), here are links to the rest I've found.   Wall Street Journal Bloomberg Business Re/code The Verge   New York Times Mashable Techpinions USA Today CNet Independent.co.uk Daring Fireball   Biggest surprise to me: can't seem to find any reviews by fashion mags.
 At WWDC Apple said that iCloud Photo Library would have “Every photo you take. On all your devices.” After doing further research, it looks like this actually meant moving from the free Photostream to a paid iCloud Photo Library. I assumed it was free since it was replacing the old photostream.
And yet they promise to do exactly that with everyone's pictures and videos. Unlimited storage. So what about messages? Or do I have to actually save it to my photostream to have it backed up permanently?
The bigger question to me is, am I only deleting these from the device after 1 day, or is it deleting them off the servers as well so that I can't re-download the videos/pictures/messages? I've never seen this clearly stated anywhere.
To comment about the bass: I have these as well – bought them around 10 months ago. I have a pair of these Sony MDR7506 that I use for normal listening both at my desk and on the go. They're basically a reference set that is very well balanced and sound fantastic. I bought the Razer Kraken's for the mic when gaming. My purchase was based on wanting a wired analogue headset (not wireless or USB) that was comfortable.   While I also found the bass to be basically...
 Ha. This coming from the guy who little more than a week ago said:  It's all cool, TS.
My guess is that the constructed building on site is for a connected home that you'll be able to control locks, lights, fans, etc from your iPhone and iWatch. Best way to actually show its use: actually using it.
I agree with all your points here. In fact, I believe that under normal circumstances it'd be fairly probable that they would postpone the launch for next year at this point. The most significant factor in swaying me from that belief is Tim Cook's comments, which I believe he'll be held to strictly and I don't think he would have made lightly at all. And that's why I'm thinking wearables this fall: nothing else that I'm aware of is really close. I even question if Apple TV...
Neither did I say they were releasing either of those. I predict that they are, but gave specific room for literally any other new product. The reason my bet would be on the wearable is because they've been working on it so long, and that it's one of the three major unreleased products we're aware of them working heavily on (wearable, tv, payments) that seems closest to completion. (forgive me if I've missed a major product we're aware they're currently working on but...
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