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 To be honest, TS, to say that "Apple isn’t making" a wearables product at this point would be foolish. The question we're debating here is the timing of the release of said wearable. As to "something else", well, there's a reason I said "something completely out of the blue"; but my money would be on the wearable device, which I am referring to in my posts as the "iWatch" as that is the generally accepted name for referring to the Apple wearable device.
Impossible. Tim Cook said that they would enter new markets THIS YEAR. That does not mean 2015. So unless we see a completely redesigned Apple TV (which I'm not even sure would count as *new*) or something completely out of the blue, there's going to be an iWatch this fall.
Because that takes time and this is the first step towards delivering a great Mac experience. Their first priorities were to get the custom runtime operating on OS X. After this, we should see additional features and support. They're still only on version 0.4.1 – there's a lot of work yet to be done (1-2 years til v1.0 if rumors are correct).
Actually, I find this product really cool, and would actually buy it, but for the fact that it's a bit outside my budget. Additionally, I think the thick connector section to be unbeautiful. Nonetheless, on first seeing the image I thought "that's exactly something I've been looking for!" But after a further look it's not quite there yet.   At the end of the day, however, I am very appreciative of the fact AppleInsider decided to post about it, because I never would have...
It's definitely not only for TouchID, but iWatch faces. They'd need a ton of glass for them, and sapphire + liquidmetal = nearly indestructible, yet literally a jewel of a piece.
 I'm sure OWC will have a part for it in no time.
 Okay, I feel like you're being intentionally stubborn. :)  According to Macworld (I realize they're not Apple),"How upgradeable is the new Mac Pro?The new Mac Pro’s RAM is situated in four memory slots and can be upgraded easily—you just slide off the computer’s cylindrical, metal sleeve, pop out the old memory, and insert new DIMMs. The computer’s flash storage is also upgradeable, as it sits on a small card that connects to a socket on the motherboard (or in this case,...
Well, but that's the point. He first put up the slide about RAM being "User accessible" (which we know for a fact is user-replaceable) and then used the same terminology to refer to the flash storage. There's no other sensible conclusion. You can even see the simple screw that holds the storage in the socket, which is easily removed.
 That's not correct. According to the slides put up by Phil Schiller at the presentation on Tuesday, the flash storage is in fact user replaceable. 
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