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I've tried to do some research into the Iris Pro (and what version they're using in the entry-level iMac), but while I thought it was initially a downgrade from the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M with 512MB, it seems most are saying it's at least equal, if not slightly better. Hard to believe Intel's integrated graphics have gotten so good so fast. Anyone care to weigh in with their thoughts on the change?
I'm unable to choose an unlocked iPhone through their mobile app. Only contract ones. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
 Basically, in person it's more of a gold hue, than actually gold colored. At some angles it looks indistinguishable from the silver. It's very fine, and very nice.
 It's insanely fast. As in, under 600 milliseconds (many times ~400) for thumbprints. It's closer to 8 or 900 for other fingers, but always faster than typing in a password. It also is very effective. I got a Space Grey 64GB unlocked since they were all out of other colors.
So, no preorders for iPhone 5S? Only 5C?
  You'd be fooling yourself to believe an Apple wearable device (like that referred to above as iWatch) won't be released next year.     Funny that that's the very thing Tim Cook talked about at the D11 conference:   "[Tim Cook] said that “the wrist is interesting,” but noted that it comes with his own challenges, as evidenced by the fact that many people of younger generations don’t wear watches anymore. “For something to work here, you first have to convince people that...
I don't think I've ever seen a comment thread with more confusion or misdirection. This is like the conversations you see in the chats of League of Legends explaining fundamentals to the 8-year-olds playing PVP after only a week. TL;DR: *facepalm*
Significant changes. I mean, while it may seem like tiny details that are just scaling back areas where Apple pushed too far, in reality the sum of these changes is leading to a very differently nuanced UI. For example, instead of just panes above each other like in the original concept, there is now the idea of objects lying above each other. The buttons present this as opposed to the text with backgrounds we saw before.
Seeing as the #1 reason people buy an Apple TV is for Airplay (there's a source for that -- came out in the past 2 months), I think that Chromecast will be very popular -- especially if they sell it side-by-side in-store with the Nexus's. It's a neat little device that I would buy if I had an Android device; but I think the biggest difficulty in this selling will really be the amount of products sold that support it. Giving an SDK that supports iOS is going to make it a...
It searched fine. Does this look right?
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