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I don't think I've ever seen a comment thread with more confusion or misdirection. This is like the conversations you see in the chats of League of Legends explaining fundamentals to the 8-year-olds playing PVP after only a week. TL;DR: *facepalm*
Significant changes. I mean, while it may seem like tiny details that are just scaling back areas where Apple pushed too far, in reality the sum of these changes is leading to a very differently nuanced UI. For example, instead of just panes above each other like in the original concept, there is now the idea of objects lying above each other. The buttons present this as opposed to the text with backgrounds we saw before.
Seeing as the #1 reason people buy an Apple TV is for Airplay (there's a source for that -- came out in the past 2 months), I think that Chromecast will be very popular -- especially if they sell it side-by-side in-store with the Nexus's. It's a neat little device that I would buy if I had an Android device; but I think the biggest difficulty in this selling will really be the amount of products sold that support it. Giving an SDK that supports iOS is going to make it a...
It searched fine. Does this look right?
Well, right now you always swipe to unlock your phone. If you have a security code activated you then have to type in your passcode. With the sensor embedded in the display you can put those in one step -- just swiping to unlock. Free security with no added hassle.If you're asking why you have to swipe to unlock in the first place it's so you don't accidentally turn on your iOS device and butt-call or activate other actions without ensuring that it's intentional...
It just makes sense that when you swipe across the screen to unlock that it would read your fingerprint as the security code. "It just works".
Wow. Great reference.
From the full email, the most distasteful thing to me was this quote (emphasis mine): "Lots of change. But in all of this, many key things remains the same. Our incredible people, our spirit, our commitment, our belief in the transformative power of technology — our Microsoft technology — to make the world a better place for billions of people and millions of businesses around the world." To specifically narrow the scope of "the power of technology" to only their own...
The fact that iPhone's percentage growth is lower than the total smartphone market, thus giving them a smaller overall share of the market every quarter. Nominally they have terrific growth, but relative to the growth of the market, it's lower and slowing down.
I agree with your first sentence. I disagree with your second. I say "by now" because I've been slowly convinced over the past 2-3 months. The part leaks, comments by Tim Cook, and just plain good business sense of it (as explained in my previous posts in this thread) all combine to make a pretty convincing argument. To me, the evidence, as shaky as it may be, is overwhelmingly in favor of a low-cost iPhone being introduced this fall and these pictures as being actual...
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