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I don't understand why this has been posted. After several days of this making the rounds on the lesser sites, I hoped AI was acting intelligent enough not to post about it. This is pretty far from what the OS will actually look like on iPad. It's just the iPhone version, with Autolayout reorganizing it to fit on the screen. It's the iPhone view -- not the iPad. It doesn't come close, really. This really doesn't even warrant being put on the Backpage.
  Not currently. There are no collaboration, multi-user editing, or tracked changes options. It's essentially the same experience you'd have using their iPad apps.
It's really weird to me that this is just being talked about now. I've had access for the past 2 days on it and it's worked terrifically.
It's in the release notes. There's a bug note stating they're not included in this build.   It's dev software. Release notes matter. Read 'em and prosper.
After using iOS 7 for the past 2 days, the best word I can use to describe it is alive.   The layers -- background, springboard, translucent overlay -- have a very fluid, and quick feel to them. The whole OS feels very lightfooted and lightweight. It has almost a "fun" feel to it. Apps open instantly. Boot time is under 12 seconds as opposed to 45-60 sec. When locking the phone it fades to black and when shutting down the phone the screen shuts from top to bottom....
It's not harder, really. It still shows it inside the application, just not on the homescreen.
Exactly my thought. It's not an "ad" per-say, but yeah it is an offer to buy it. I agree with your girlfriend about that. The even bigger draw for me is the ability to choose whether songs are "Top Hits", niche songs (Discovery), or a mix of both. That's a feature I've been desperately wanting in current product offers from other companies and haven't seen until now.
aaand cue the comments about app design reference to iOS 7 skinning. Interesting that they use no "buttons" below, but rather just a highlighting effect. Don't think I care for it as much.
This is good. This is Macalope-good while being much different. If this was under a pseudonym and a regularly scheduled event, it could gain a following. I like it.
That's incredible. I wouldn't have guessed it was by that much.
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