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(1) It'll likely be sold most frequently as unsubsidized around most of the globe at a cost of under $400 (I'm thinking more like $299). This is eminently possible while still building a quality product. Just look at the latest iPod touch which costs $229 for a 16GB model. Introducing an 8GB iPhone Color would be both profitable and differentiated enough from both iPod touch and iPhone 5S to fill an unserved niche and not cannibalize much.(2) If you get it on the...
To be honest, I didn't upgrade to the iPhone 5 from my 4S because the 4-inch screen is too big for me. I have to stretch to reach the top-left corner where every back button is, and for any extended period of use I simply had to change the way that I held it entirely. While that's not necessarily the biggest deal in the world, it meant I was holding it a less securely (had to prop it up on my pinky instead of gripping it) and it just wasn't as comfortable. Fortunately, iOS...
I think that's exactly it. In the US, these will do really well with younger consumers who want to pay less anyway, while adults and businesspeople may choose the higher-end versions. Elsewhere in the world (especially in places such as China, Japan, and Europe) I can see just about anybody wanting these as an everyday phone with the modern, colorful styling. It's a very different color palette than companies such as Nokia and Samsung use.The real kicker for me in terms of...
Do you have any sourcing or references to verify this? I'm a developer using the beta and don't see anything regarding this in the release notes for beta 3. Not attacking, just trying to verify it since you're the first I've seen to post this explanation.
Pretty sure these things are real by now. Also, visualizing someone holding any one of these in their hands, I think they look really good. They're very colorful, modern, and "light". Between this and iOS 7 I think we'll see blockbuster sales like no other year (which is funny since that's every year ). It's definitely gonna be a lineup like no other iPhone set before.
This ^. Would be one of the best feints ever.Edit: Or not. According to the Bloomberg source article: "The maker of iPhones is seeking protection for the name which is categorized as being for products including a handheld computer or watch device, according to a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office that was made public last week." Guess we really could see this thing this fall. Maybe at an iPod event (which they haven't had for a while now due to reduced interest).
I don't understand why this has been posted. After several days of this making the rounds on the lesser sites, I hoped AI was acting intelligent enough not to post about it. This is pretty far from what the OS will actually look like on iPad. It's just the iPhone version, with Autolayout reorganizing it to fit on the screen. It's the iPhone view -- not the iPad. It doesn't come close, really. This really doesn't even warrant being put on the Backpage.
  Not currently. There are no collaboration, multi-user editing, or tracked changes options. It's essentially the same experience you'd have using their iPad apps.
It's really weird to me that this is just being talked about now. I've had access for the past 2 days on it and it's worked terrifically.
It's in the release notes. There's a bug note stating they're not included in this build.   It's dev software. Release notes matter. Read 'em and prosper.
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