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You know, if that's true, would that mean we could see Google Chrome one here too, because it also uses Webkit?
That is an outright lie. I have downloaded over 10 free web browsers from the app store in addition to buying one. I currently use iCab Mobile for $1.99 which is incredibly useful. I use it for downloading and storing offline webpages. It is fully functional and not banned. I hate it when people misrepresent Apple's stance on an issue. (The only unverified rumor I have heard is that they only allow Webkit based browsers, not other based ones like Opera, but I'm not sure...
Lol, I just thought about why the Home Button/Power Button screenshot might not work (it didn't in the test units at the demo). When reading a book, I could just take screenshots of pages as I read them and then mass email them to my friends or others. Wow, didn't think about that.
Is it just me, or is the guy who narrates that clip about the silliest thing since Peewee Herman? It's almost like he's trying to sound like an incompetent fool.
That was quick.
Nice. Quote: "Zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten." Literal translation: "Like the innkeeper is, so he trusts his guests." Meaning: "A person who is untrustworthy is unlikely to trust others." English equivalent: "You measure other people's cloth by your own yard." Personally, all the surveys I have seen point to 50-60% of all responders most likely buying an iPad. That is from about 80,000 people on 6-7 sites. I am definately buying one for college and grabbing...
I still want to know whether we'll be able to read those books bought in the iBookstore on our computer and iPhone. If I'm buying a book, I should have the ability to view it wherever I want. That is the biggest question for me at this point.
Is this an assumption? I don't see any empirical data to back up the idea that Apple didn't modify the processor or GPU.
I'm going to college this summer and am going to buy this instead of the MacBook Pro I planned. The $1700-$2200 i was going to pay is now reduced to ~$800 (including keyboard dock and case plus maybe a warranty) That is a savings of about $1,000!!! This meets the needs of a college student perfectly, and who knows--maybe students'll get a discount (or maybe free shuffle with iPad purchase?) Anyway, here's to the king of the need-meeters, Apple.
Lol, this at MacRumors is too much... "This report leads to one possible interpretation of the Apple invitation with colors lining up with the brands of major carriers" Ouch, and further proof:
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