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Did we learn something new here..............(checks again).............nope.
Absolutely my thought as well. Techstud always made several, very rapid responses that were highly charged. I'd put my bets on it. The more recent join date lends credence to this as well.
Apple may just skip Arrandale. It's a definite possibility that would not be above Apple.
Of course it's just a mistake. They probably got scared that Apple would pull the same stunt they did on ATI when they announced early that they would be used in the new Macs. Either that, or they showed marketing the Envy and they confused it with the MacBook Pro (unlikely).
All of you are thinking too hard. What if the backing is just to define device orientation. I realize this is what the accelerometer does, but it seems to me the most logical answer, if this idea is really true. Apple makes products that do specific things, and do them very well. It doesn't need to be complex, it needs to "just work".
I believe a completely rewritten client is needed. The interface changes should be minimal, but the underpinning code needs to be largely scrapped and written with speed in mind. Additionally, when is iTunes going to get 64-bit support on Snow Leopard???
Actually, no. I recently read an article about how the Army switched to Mac for their servers because Dell was switching parts mid-cycle. They said two Dells bought within one week of each other (same model) had a different chip on the motherboard. They said that kind of thing is unacceptable because they have to thoroughly test every single part. He said Macs keep high quality control and don't swap parts mid-cycle.
He's what you could really call iT support!
This is a great read: http://www.techcrunch.net/2010/01/10...-cespool-2010/ The 12th annual CESPOOL conference attracted hundreds of attendees in Las Vegas this weekend and they were all excited about one product – the book. Dozens of companies showed off their latest models, all of which have in common the new flexible ‘paper’ display and ‘binding’ technology. The form factors varied, with some vendors showcasing additional features like built-in ‘bookmarks’ and...
This made my day. Talk about true technology. http://www.techcrunch.net/2010/01/10...-cespool-2010/
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