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That sounds a bit more like Microsoft or Adobe to me.
For some reason, this message seems very.....carefully culled. Such a paragraph seems like from a higher knowledge than the everyday man. I really appreciate it and think that this is by far the most probably name for the tablet.
That is my exact thought! Bravo Dr. Watson!!!
Personally, I would almost like a bit larger screen for this device, maybe 12 inches, for the kind of screen real estate needed for webpages, movies, and especially word productivity suites. This is a laptop replacement as far as I can see, and as such a larger screen size necessary.
I am sure that this (or holographic computing, or virtual reality) will eventually be used for computing, I just don't find it to be feasible today. I do not own a Mac (although I am planning on purchasing one as soon as my Dell dies), and while I spent about 15 hours on a 24-inch iMac at a neighbors creating a DVD of our church's Christmas play (iMovie and iDVD) and had no problem sitting 1 1/2-2 feet away, my CRT at home is very strenuous for my eyes. I just don't see...
I'm really doubting this as at a desk, no one wants to sit close enough to comfortably make gestures on a 22-inch screen. That would be about 2ft away, waayyy too close to view without eye stress. Besides, a mouse is much more precise within desktop applications. I realize that touchscreen versions of apps could be made, but this really rings false to me. Besides, fingers never worked well with glossy screens (much less slick plastic Apple mice).
And so he embodies the spirit of that once-lived member......techstud. May he never live again.
Did we learn something new here..............(checks again).............nope.
Absolutely my thought as well. Techstud always made several, very rapid responses that were highly charged. I'd put my bets on it. The more recent join date lends credence to this as well.
Apple may just skip Arrandale. It's a definite possibility that would not be above Apple.
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