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I still find it hard to believe Apple would introduce a refreshed iPad 3 halfway through its yearly cycle. Unless it contains only a new dock connector, there would be a lot of unhappy people--and some angry still at even that "minor" change.
Wow. Just wow. This has to be made into a movie in the next couple years. Something along the lines of the Facebook movie seems proper. Such a riveting story.
Disappointing. I've been waiting for this for a long while.
Now that is big news.   Edit: My mistake. It appears the lower-end model has always come with that GPU. Nothing new to see here.
Well that's big.
I kinda lol'd at that. Apple couldn't win 'em so it tries to buy 'em.
    Very true. It's miserable on an iPhone. Yes, we come here more for the community than the site design, but good site owners should ensure the site helps users interact and not obstruct a good (read usable) user experience.   Meanwhile, while it interests me why they bought AuthenTec, it's not certain they'll be used in the near future. Look at the LiquidMetal purchase/license which we've been waiting to be used for years now.
Great way to get security on NFC chips: placing a finger on a fingerprint sensor on your iPhone when making a transaction. Would proof it against people who take your phone and not allow "drive-by" hacking.
Their stock is down nearly 20% today, and at the lowest level since they went public. Wonder how Twitter would fare.
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