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That is completely stupid. Appeal.
What kind of speeds are you getting on your home internet? Go to Speedtest.net and post back the results.
  Have you ever seen a Retina Display from Apple? Compared it to the previous gen screen? The display on my iPad 3 is worlds better than my 21.5" iMac. It's immediately noticeable on switching between the two.
  One of the few times I'd agree with this level of emphasis.       In other news, the next iPad with IGZO display is expected to be released at Apple's September event. It could also arrive in early 2013. Or mid 2013...   And here everything else was pointing towards a July introduction.
I agree with chipz, the MacBook Air would be best. Judging from your workflow, however, I'd suggest one of the refurb models in the Apple Store. I'd predict the 13-inch version ($929) as being best for you, but if not there's also the 11-inch available ($849). They come with the same 1-year warranty as new units and should fit your workflow well for a good price.
So you would buy mostly Apple products too, eh? :D
  I see your point. I really don't see the Intel version doing well at all against ultrabooks, though. It's far too costly for something that doesn't offer much more portability while compromising on keyboard input.
Here's the thing. Obviously at least the Intel version of the Microsoft Surface is aimed at the iPad market, with creation-type software and peripherals. However, if it's priced at >$899 then it'll likely lose out.   The RT version, however, will only run Metro apps (+Office) and so will likely turn out to be used a lot more for consumption (at least initially). Even if it's priced at $399 (and I think $499-599 is much more likely), I don't see it as competing well...
5-6 years, I'd get the Pro. Start with 4GB and upgrade later if/when needed. For a teen, the ability to watch RedBox DVDs and rip/burn music from/to CDs is probably something they'd appreciate. Essentially, the Pro is the safe choice. If they really want the thin-and-light portability of the Air and are fine without the optical drive, then there's no reason not to go with the Air, however. It really is a personal choice. Looking at 5-6 years viability on the Air though,...
I think we're years yet away from the time when we're not blown away by Apple's growth and earnings.
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