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In reference to the contrast in Apple products, I agree about AppleTV, but that's in Apple's court. As far as iPhone and iPad goes, Amazon could do that whenever they want. That's the thing I'm talking about. Why alienate these users for video, when you allow Kindle everywhere? In reference to the value of the Prime video service, I've not found it to be useful at all. I have it (got Prime for $39 as a student), and I've found mostly 3rd rate movies and nothing I've wanted...
You know, if Amazon really wants this video service to compete with iTunes (and looking at the fact at they make money off content, not devices), they really need to come out with an iOS client. I'm really surprised that they haven't yet, and the question for me is why not?
Didn't used to be like that. Back in the day we only had one real troll here on AI, and he did a good job at it. Tekstud was one of those rare trolls that looked rather respectable compared to what we've got now. And I joined AI vs MacRumors specifically because of their more civil forums. I've only got enough time to invest in one forum, and this one is still my favorite/the best (if degrading over time - kinda like America, you know?).
Based on the fact that Windows gives Microsoft about 25% of their revenue, I could much more see them continue supporting Windows 7 until 2030 than abandoning the market completely. And with the server/business market depending so much on individual clients for the users, I see no reason why they would drop the "consumer" line at all. I'd say that would be farther fetched than Apple buying a phone/internet company.
I agree completely. I was merely refuting the assertion that Apple never intended this for the professional market.
That's what you'd call the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas where it was first publicly shown off? As well as what's reported here for the initial closed preview:http://www.larryjordan.biz/app_bin/w.../archives/1365? Now, I'm no video professional myself and am only working off of what I've read, but that doesn't seem to match up with your description at all.
Not really true. If you read T-Mobile's press release from October 20 of this year, they clearly want the iPhone; it's in Apple's court. You could be correct that one of the holding points is they're wrangling over the contract, but I would highly doubt it. The more logical reason would be as they state, that they've asked Apple and are just waiting for Apple to get back to them with a phone that'll work with full functionality on their network and a contract to...
How does this look?
I'm certain it was not done "with a complete disregard to the people who actually make a living using their product". I recall quite a few stories talking about how they invited top professionals in to critique and test the software to determine its readiness and functionality. I even recall them having a special event just for video professionals where they showed off FCP X to wide acclaim. Indeed if not for the few features missing at the very beginning (which have been...
It's called the lure of the siren [Apple] and her cutthroat contracts. Apple requires the substantial subsidy, and they have the leverage to get it. Verizon needs the iPhone to stop the exodus to AT&T that was occurring.
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