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According to a Cricket rep: "cricKet uses their own towers in their native coverage areas, in the expanded coverage they have agreements set up with companies like, Metro PCS, Sprint, Blue grass, and roaming agreements with others. So if the question is does cricket own/lease it's own towers then yes they do they have their own network. They are not a MVNO of any larger company."
For free Office, and the comfort of knowing you're not making a decision that could get you fired (safety in legacy), I unfortunately know quite a few that would...
If they used a multi-pane format that allowed you to check your calendar while replying to email (I know iOS already has a pop-up module that does a minimal form of that), integrated address book subscriptions in an easy way (I find a lot of iOS users can't figure out how to enable), allowed group editing and emailing (completely absent in iOS afaik), and gave it a much more robust feature set (integrate dropbox, photo, and document access from the mail app) I can see it...
Simple. They want enterprise to buy Windows 8 tablets, so can't release it until Windows 8 is launched. Publishing it now would give sell even more millions of iPads to businesses who were on the edge, and further cement its place as the default tablet to buy.
That is insane. Comparatively, absolutely mind-blowing.
The countdown is for 96 days from now. What thinks ye that be for?   Tbh, this smells a lot more like a Microsoft campaign than Samsung.
Very excited to see what iOS 6 brings in, as well as to get my hands on a completed build of Mountain Lion.   Btw, any speculation on the invitation? I hate the color scheme, but I can't think of it showing significance beyond apps...
And here I thought the pundits had just decided this category was dead...
I agree. I like the new design (21 year-old college student) and my parents (late 40's) do as well. Point of personal preference.
Glad for this. I've been wanting to use the feature for a while, but always wanted to use 192kbps (small enough it saves space, but high enough quality that I don't get hissing or flatness). Glad they added it.
New Posts  All Forums: