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 Chipmakers couldn't have been in too big a rush to deliver a me too product. We are at 16 months since the iPhone 5s was announced and 64-bit competition is finally starting to trickle out.
You do realize that the reason that the focus of this article is on home automation is because that was Apple's biggest connection to the show.  Just because Apple does its own private trade shows these days (what do you think their announcement parties are?), it doesn't mean the trade show is dead.
"home automation steals the show"   While it was big, the top awards at the show did not go to home automation products.
 Not any higher than my estimate!
About time. You could set the default "Browser ID" on blackberrys a long, long time ago. It was better than this option that doesn't work all the time.   Chrome on iOS has also had the "request desktop site" option for as long as I can remember.
Really? You couldn't just have a single chart with a couple popular models to compare buyback programs?
I think the pricing is going to be closer to $2000 for the top of the line model.   One thing not mentioned is warranty. A Rolex comes with a 2 year warranty and can tell time indefinitely with maintenance and repairs. Will an Apple Watch made out of solid gold still be compatible with an iPhone 11 in 5 years? Will it just be a gold paperweight or will there be an upgrade/trade-in path?
I get about 7 - 8 days out of my Pebble. I charge it on Sunday nights and never worry about it running out of juice. All of my other gadgets that need to be charged daily can be used while plugged in. This cannot. Definitely a deal breaker for me.
A year ago I didn't get any and now I get about 1 a month. So for me, its on the rise.
To be clear, this is LTE handset shipments, not LTE handset market share. The iPhone is further behind when it comes to LTE handset market share. Apple has only had a LTE phone for 18 months. In August 2012 they were at 0%. It also doesn't show that while Q1 is usually high for iPhone shipments because they release a new phone in the fall, their Q2 & Q3 numbers go down while people wait for the next iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: