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A year ago I didn't get any and now I get about 1 a month. So for me, its on the rise.
To be clear, this is LTE handset shipments, not LTE handset market share. The iPhone is further behind when it comes to LTE handset market share. Apple has only had a LTE phone for 18 months. In August 2012 they were at 0%. It also doesn't show that while Q1 is usually high for iPhone shipments because they release a new phone in the fall, their Q2 & Q3 numbers go down while people wait for the next iPhone.
I hope this turns out. "The internet of things," is such a fun category, but lacks standards that are easy for a casual user to keep up with. Getting a touch of Apple's, "It just works," approach could bring it mainstream. Or it may be too soon.
I read this on the internet so it must be true.
So, when did google sue other search engines?
I don't know a lot of people that have upgraded a tablet. The 50% of people that are new to iPhone is the story here. Everyone has a cellphone, but not everyone has a tablet... yet.
No surprise here. The Hyundai is a low cost car with tons of premium features available. If anyone has purchased a car with navi before, they know it comes at a premium price. I don't see the cost going down soon either as cars switch from resistive to capacitive touchscreens. CarPlay is nice, but it will shine on a display that supports swipes and multi-touch gestures. Electronics for a car need to be a lot tougher than the equivalent for the home. Also, all cars come...
Nothing different than iWork apps opening MS Office files. This is good news. It will lead to greater adoption of Passbook.
This was cool 6 years ago when I had an app on my BlackBerry that locked/unlocked my PC through Bluetooth. It used your signal strength to determine how far you were from your computer and you could adjust sensitivity.   Worked great... when my phone battery wasn't dead.
Nice to compare the price of the 7.9" 16GB mini to the 32GB Surface that includes the keyboard cover.
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