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This was cool 6 years ago when I had an app on my BlackBerry that locked/unlocked my PC through Bluetooth. It used your signal strength to determine how far you were from your computer and you could adjust sensitivity.   Worked great... when my phone battery wasn't dead.
Nice to compare the price of the 7.9" 16GB mini to the 32GB Surface that includes the keyboard cover.
Nice that Intel's Wireless Display may finally be catching on. This describes how Intel WiDi works. WiDi already lets you mirror your display directly, without devices joining a WiFi network. It uses the WiFi frequencies, but is not a WiFi network.
I agree. Intel did this with some or there budget CPUs as well. No reason to design a new chip, just use the defective ones.
I call BS. without at least a small bezel, the million cases to go with the iphone would not wrap around well. Besides, anyone with basic 3D skills could draw this. The iPonne dimentions are all on the Apple site. You would just have to punch them in.
So which is it? Did they halt all production until late February or have they begun making the new version?
Technically, the magnet trick is a type of proximity sensor. Maybe Apple will call it an iMagnet. Everyone will want an iMagnet embedded case. Don't forget that they already used magnets in their MacBooks to lower the hooks when the lid is closed...
They have had this feature in blackberrys as long as i can remember. A small magnet embedded in the case triggers the lock. You can customize it a ton of ways, like changing the ringer volume automatically when in its case. There is nothing to see here. Its a nice addition, but nothing to write a story about.
The EVO does Voice & Data on both CDMA & WiMax... Someone figured it out already. No need to argue...
Copy? Blackberry has had these options for a decade! Their new service for consumers blows MobileMe out of the water! Apple will be the one playing catch up. (Especially after they send out 2 million bumpers for the iPhone 4) http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/...berry-protect/
New Posts  All Forums: