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I think it is that the carriers just want more control over their phones. The Sprint BB Tour is odd because it comes with the SIM unlocked and includes US 2G GSM bands. I keep the GSM option turned off unless I'm outside of the country. Battery life is not that great either.I'd love a "Universal" Superphone that would work on any network and even satellite (optional antenna attachment maybe?). One can dream I guess...
Nice analogy, except that the number of people watching SD is decreasing and those using CDMA is increasing in the US. GSM has also been around longer than CDMA. That doesn't make it better, its just been around for many years. WiMax is not CDMA and LTE is not GSM. So, technically they are both on their way out. My BB Tour from Sprint works in more places than anything AT&T sells. CDMA carriers have phones that also work on GSM, but there are not many GSM carriers that...
Nexus One may be out for Verizon, but its still "coming soon" for Sprint. CDMA is not dead yet. More people in this country use CDMA than GSM.http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoen...3426&highlight
I'm really happy to see something here about the other competitors in the market. I'm a BlackBerry user, but love Apple gear. Nice to see something that actually acknowledges that other phones exist and are trying their best to compete.
Its nice to have options. Like Windows on a Mac. If this guy is out of work, he will definitely be able to find a job now. I know that an iPhone running the iPhone OS is best, but its good to see something neat like this done.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black... Because everyone knows that Apple's platforms are not closed and proprietary...
Sorry, but I like to decide what form factor phone I have. Its nice to have a choice of a candybar style, flip, touchscreen and a high & low end full QWERTY. I'd hardly call it, "Flooding the market." They currently offer a choice of 5 of the 6 (no slider yet) form factors that cover pretty much every phone currently in production. I don't know what "shock" you may be referring to because Apple will never beat RIM in North America unless they offer something in other form...
What? No Sprint 4G phone article? Something to beat the iPhone in almost every way and no article to say its not that good? This is your chance for balanced reporting AppleInsider. Bring it on!
This is pushing it. Telling us what we want is too much.
Exactly the point I was trying to get across. Some people are quick to dismiss OLED as inferior, but it seems that its the current display software thats inferior, not the screens themselves.
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