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It can call home all it wants. Its speed and features make it the best user experience available in a web browser! It is also updated often. Sometimes more than once a day. Bugs that pop up are squished faster than any other browser.
I second that. How is this an iPad competitor? Its like comparing a netbook to a 17" macbook.
I second that. How is this an iPad competitor? Its like comparing a netbook to a 17" macbook.
Yay! I won't have to learn Vectorworks!
It made sense to me. If your phone is still locked to a network after your contract expires, you can only use it with that 1 carrier. In other words, your contract is forever.
Someone is worried that people may switch from the iPhone on AT&T to something else... Besides that, we all know these phones are heavily subsidized. You can't just go about giving away money to people who are taking their business elsewhere.
Wow! Most of you here have had your heads buried in Apple's sandbox for too long. The number of devices and software out there that performs similar functions in huge. AppleTV is so far behind that it really doesn't compete. Google also announced today that the latest Android build streams iTunes libraries. Lets compare: AppleTV Streams Apple content Allows you to buy Apple content with your remote Google TV Streams Apple content Allows you to buy content from several...
Google Chrome warned me to keep away, but I let it load anyway and I got a prompt to install a plugin.
Awesome. I was checking the site all day to see what appleinsider would say in response. This blog post is a mixed bag of stats and nonsense. Final Cut Pro is, and will be for a long time to come, great software for making movies and TV. Your headline would be much more fitting.
Wow! That didn't last long. I was pretty surprised that Apple would lose anything these days. What was originally called the "iPod effect" has only grown to the iPhone and now iPad effect. I still think that Apple will keep the 3G around. The fact that the hardware supposedly can't run the latest features of OS4 is even more of a reason for Apple to keep selling it to the lower end market. It will ensure that there is a bigger difference to step up the the 3GS or 4G. Its...
New Posts  All Forums: