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Too bad Nvidia and Intel didn't make nice with each other. Now we're back to Intel chipsets.
I'm with you. I read this site daily, but it loses credibility when it posts articles like this. Comparing anything with an Atom processor to a Core 2 Duo is apples and oranges. As a storage or media server this is a not the way to go. For about $700 I have a Dell Poweredge server running Windows Home Server with over 6TB of storage.
Are you saying that it is not possible to review a product without comparing it to the competition?
I agree!
Actually WHS does do many of these things.1. It does do RAID & also allows you to do selective mirroring through software.2. Can be added3. Can be added4. Can be added5. Is a web server6., 7., & 8. I don't know what those things are, but I do know that I can access my WHS from my blackberry to download files. It also works with the iPhone & Windows Mobile. I also stream movies over the internet when I'm traveling from my WHS.
What did Palm think would happen? I'm still rooting for them though. I hope these 2 can kiss and makeup. The Blackberry Media Sync app is so basic, but syncs all your iTunes playlists, songs videos etc. Why Palm didn't just do something like that, who knows.
Last to the party and the most expensive too... Nothing like paying extra to fill in for poor service where there is supposed to be service. I would think that providers would give these things out like candy for free. Think of all the money they would save because of the reduction of people calling to complain about poor coverage...
Microsoft still made tons of money and profits. It is not even close to their worst year ever. They just made less this year than last year for the first time. How many times has Apple done that? Lots. Apple is still not even close to making more money than MS.
I call B.S. $440M is a little high. Apple only has a few products. After a couple years at this rate everyone in NYC would own at least 1 Apple product. I think $44 million is probably what it should read.
New Posts  All Forums: