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Nice to know that Apple could sell their phones for less, but don't.
Don't forget to add that since it is CDMA & GSM, they work in more countries than any AT&T phone. CDMA is also used in many Asian countries. I'm a Blackberry Tour user that is happy to have "More 3G in More Places."
While AT&T has a higher top speed, study after study shows that its top speed is rarely reached and on average Verizon kills AT&T for both voice and data coverage. Also, don't confuse MB & Mb. 1MB = 8 Mb.
That's impressive considering that no US carrier offers those speeds. I think you must mean Mb & Kb & not MB & KB.
RIP that grumpy old lady. One of the best ad campaigns ever!
Balloon boy V. 2.0
I'm talking about chipsets. You are mixing up graphics & chipsets.It affects every portable mac. Currently they all use an nvidia chipset. No current portable macs use intel chipsets. Currently there are only Intel chipsets for Core i5 & i7 processors. For a computer to use a Core i5 or i7 it will need to run on either: A 2 chip system with an intel CPU & intel chipset/GPU or A 3 chip system with an intel CPU, intel chipset & AMD or Nvidia GPU. All the current portables...
Too bad Nvidia and Intel didn't make nice with each other. Now we're back to Intel chipsets.
I'm with you. I read this site daily, but it loses credibility when it posts articles like this. Comparing anything with an Atom processor to a Core 2 Duo is apples and oranges. As a storage or media server this is a not the way to go. For about $700 I have a Dell Poweredge server running Windows Home Server with over 6TB of storage.
Are you saying that it is not possible to review a product without comparing it to the competition?
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