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You are right 99% of the time. Don't forget a little company named ASUS started selling a netbook thing that was advertised by only the people that wrote stories on it. It was hard to find it in stores and BAM a couple years later Apple is selling a touchscreen netbook and acting like its sliced bread. The netbook is the exception. It "just happened."
The New York Times has 50 executives?!?! No wonder they're broke! How many people are needed to print a newspaper? The story here should be corrected to state that it was "The New York Times Company," and not "The New York Times." Big difference... The NYT puts out 1 newspaper the NYT Company puts out over 20...
Too bad its not exactly there yet. What they did is similar to hooking up an 802.11n router to a dial-up internet connection. Your phone may be connected to the cell tower at a higher speed, but the tower isn't hooked up to a faster internet connection! Ha, what a BS press release! http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/05/a...everywhere-bu/
thepiratebay.org & eztv.it have always given me trouble using comcast's DNS servers. They pop up instantly now!
Anti-competitive anyone...
Nice to know that Apple could sell their phones for less, but don't.
Don't forget to add that since it is CDMA & GSM, they work in more countries than any AT&T phone. CDMA is also used in many Asian countries. I'm a Blackberry Tour user that is happy to have "More 3G in More Places."
While AT&T has a higher top speed, study after study shows that its top speed is rarely reached and on average Verizon kills AT&T for both voice and data coverage. Also, don't confuse MB & Mb. 1MB = 8 Mb.
That's impressive considering that no US carrier offers those speeds. I think you must mean Mb & Kb & not MB & KB.
RIP that grumpy old lady. One of the best ad campaigns ever!
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