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The New York Times has 50 executives?!?! No wonder they're broke! How many people are needed to print a newspaper? The story here should be corrected to state that it was "The New York Times Company," and not "The New York Times." Big difference... The NYT puts out 1 newspaper the NYT Company puts out over 20...
Too bad its not exactly there yet. What they did is similar to hooking up an 802.11n router to a dial-up internet connection. Your phone may be connected to the cell tower at a higher speed, but the tower isn't hooked up to a faster internet connection! Ha, what a BS press release! http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/05/a...everywhere-bu/
thepiratebay.org & eztv.it have always given me trouble using comcast's DNS servers. They pop up instantly now!
Anti-competitive anyone...
Nice to know that Apple could sell their phones for less, but don't.
Don't forget to add that since it is CDMA & GSM, they work in more countries than any AT&T phone. CDMA is also used in many Asian countries. I'm a Blackberry Tour user that is happy to have "More 3G in More Places."
While AT&T has a higher top speed, study after study shows that its top speed is rarely reached and on average Verizon kills AT&T for both voice and data coverage. Also, don't confuse MB & Mb. 1MB = 8 Mb.
That's impressive considering that no US carrier offers those speeds. I think you must mean Mb & Kb & not MB & KB.
RIP that grumpy old lady. One of the best ad campaigns ever!
Balloon boy V. 2.0
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