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One wonders how such a feature gets tested by Apple. My music library is completely ruined, too, after I turned on iCloud Music Library. And when I send feedback on it to Apple, and I need to specify which iOS I am using, the drop down menu has 8.3 as the latest. WTF?
Odd that although Apple Music works fine in Hungary, there is no Beats 1 in the app. Anyone know where one can find the list of those 100 countries?
I love this podcast. These guys know what they are doing. It's chock full of good info, and the dynamic among the hosts is awesome. Stephen and co. are the best!
Available on the US app store only. Now, that's news!
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, The Beatles
  That'd be so easy to check if you whipped out your Calendar. A bit over half a year old, actually, if we are talking the same 12-month year cycle. :)
Gee, has anyone at AI cared to read this "article"? If the "author" can't, at least someone who edits stuff? Like, you know, an "editor" that speaks and reads the language? This piece is a veritable typo and grammar slip treasure trove. The worst in years, probably.
Too bad. I liked them. The genius guy was cute, too!
  Gotta love that, comparing rumors to science!   Mind you, I am not saying some of the leaked parts are not legit. They may well be.  I am just saying that TC and co. may actually have an ace up their sleeve, so the doubling-down thing may yet turn out to be as much science as these rumors. We'll see.
  What if all these leaks and photos are actually part of Tim's team's grand doubling down scheme, and the actual new iPhone is nothing of the sort we are led to believe it is?
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