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I wonder how they count those 'activations' if you activate a phone, return it, and activate a second phone.
  Film becomes whatever resolution you scan it at.
  I don't see anyone arguing that AT&T or the Baby Bells weren't monopolies or that their market position was a good thing. Do you have a point? I'm pretty sure you don't.
  It's relevant, they are just hypocrites, like Google.
  I disagree with you on all points.
  Isn't part of the complaint also that Google is stealing information from other sites, like Yelp? Simply saying, "we stole this from yelp," next to the information doesn't do much good, since that's followed by an implied, "... so you don't need to visit their site. Now how 'bout you check out some of our stuff while you're here?"   Of course, I'm sure that GG knows all about this. He's just pretending with his questions that there isn't anything amiss here, which is...
  Business activity is just another form of human activity, so all the moral considerations that would apply to any human action apply equally to business actions, because corporations don't act, the people running them do. You don't get a pass on bad behavior just by labeling it "business".
  That's not how handheld computers worked on Star Trek. Honestly.
  'Smaller' refers to the size of the batch, not the iPhone.
  I guess I missed this news. What was the release date Apple announced for the next iPhone? The one they're now missing?   Of course, there never was a "scheduled September launch", at least not one known outside of Apple. All this talk of being behind schedule and delays is BS. I'd be very surprised if Apple had pinpointed a date, particularly one in September, since it's not yields on fingerprint sensors and LCD drivers that will most likely determine the exact release...
New Posts  All Forums: