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  I'm not sure how you can write that with a straight face after questioning how others wrote with a straight face.   Maybe Nikon or Canon should start making smartcameras for those people: "A little awkward to hold up to your ear to make a call, but, the best phone you can get in a camera."  
  They won't, though, because Amazon owns them. They brought this case against Apple solely at Amazon's bidding and they aren't going to now turn on the hand that feeds them.   It's never been more clear that those with money who choose to use it to undermine our society now control it, completely, and probably irredeemably. Democracy, Freedom and Justice are, in the United States today, nothing more than empty words.
  The example made here is that the DoJ can be bought and made to do the bidding of anyone willing to do so, like Amazon.
  There's no way this case would have ever come to trial without someone at DoJ being bought by Amazon. The so-called "evidence" in this case is absurdly weak. The "facts" presented by the DoJ are an alternate reality. There is no possible doubt that Amazon twisted arms and paid for this DoJ action. The only question is whether the judge was also bought or just stupid.
  Anti-trust law is necessary and, of itself, has nothing to do with corruption. Unfortunately, like all laws, corruption can lead to abuse. This case was entirely driven by corruption, and it's clear that the source of that corruption is Amazon who found lawyers at the DoJ willing to do their bidding. And apparently a judge who doesn't belong on the bench to go along with it, regardless of the lack of actual evidence. It's a sad day when we see so clearly that the DoJ is...
    The evidence was embarrassingly flimsy, to the point of being virtually non-existent. The judge decided the case before it was heard and used the thinnest of pretexts to justify the "decision". This was the definition of a kangaroo court, and is a disgrace to the entire U.S. justice system. Cases like this that are brought because of corruption, and decided based on allegations, rather than evidence, undermine all confidence in our legal system, and rightly so.
  People can see that the judge prejudged the case, that much is obvious. I'll repeat, based on your postings here, if you're a lawyer, find another career.
  You obviously don't practice law either since you seem to have no notion of what the quoted, and particularly the emphasized, text actually means. If you do practice law, you should find another profession.
  It's odd that it would remind you of that since it's exactly the opposite of that. In this "movie" the part of Colonel Jessup is played by Eric Holder, and Downey and Dawson are the DoJ lawyers. The publishing industry and Apple are Santiago.
  It's more important that they stand up against corruption and injustice, that's doing the right thing, and Apple can be proud of that.
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