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  That's why you should never talk to "investigators", especially not without your lawyer present, and even then you should probably assert your 5th Amendment rights. Even an inadvertent misstatement could turn into a prosecution for lying to them.
  No, it doesn't show intent. What it shows is that Jobs entertained certain ideas at some point, but abandoned them. In fact, the fact that he didn't send it, but sent an entirely different email shows intent of the opposite of what the DoJ argues.   Sorry, but "thinking about" something isn't illegal, especially when you obviously abandoned that line of thought.   That the DoJ pretends this is a smoking gun, and the Judge doesn't want to hear the evidence, now, that...
  A lot of their political hires are still there, unfortunately.
  If you've ever read a road test review of a BMW, somewhere in it will be the phrase, "... of course, BMWs iDrive still sucks..." 
  "Logs" is not the correct word here. If you sign up for iTunes Match, you explicitly agree to tell them what you have so that they can, you know, match it. If you turn on Genius, you explicitly agree to tell them what you have so that they can, you know, figure out what you might like. They aren't "logging" it, you are purposely sending them the data so they can do with it exactly what they tell you they will do with it.   Oh, and I must have missed the part where Apple...
  George Gascon is actually the San Francisco District Attorney. The last I checked, San Francisco didn't have an Attorney General, not being a state in its own right.
  mdriftmeyer is almost certainly correct, and probably knows what he's talking about. As for Gruber, even if he's under NDA, he can most likely publish info he receives from sources other than official Apple channels.
  Oh, look, another 'z' troll.
  Think of an implementation as an effective method, or, in other words, a step by step description of how to build something, such that, if you were to follow all the steps as written, you would have a working system. For any given system, there are likely some number of effective methods, greater than 1, that could be used to reach the same result. Some of these effective methods may share some steps, but others may be entirely unique. In each case, for each step, to...
  I would make two corrections:   1. The idea is to protect the inventor of an implementation of a concept. The problem is that concepts and ideas are being granted patents, not implementations, which indeed opens the door for the trolls. If implementations were required, trolls would likely face extinction.   2. Trolls are inherently bad. They are, by definition, not honest players, but are gaming the system. Anyone gaming the system is sucking resources out of it and...
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