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  Did they get their money back when they returned them? Then they were shipped. It really is simple.
    Spending too much time on Wikipedia?      Your "Edit" is entirely irrelevant, but as for the rest of your comments, you might consider that as a battery increases in size it increases in volume but as screens get larger they effectively increase only in surface area: one increases in 3 dimensions, the other only in 2.
  I don't think there's anything to explain there. His statement speaks for itself, but it doesn't contradict anything I said.
  You can put an "Intel Inside" sticker on it.
  Or, that Intel will produce an ARM chip
  As to your first point, yes, that's what started the trend to bigger screens.   As to your second point, well, it doesn't seem rational, so I'm at a loss as to how one could even begin to respond. All I can say is that what you label as "your logic" has no connection, logical or otherwise, with anything I wrote.
  It's always fun to have a little numerical sophistry from KDarling. 
  The flaw in your analysis is that, yes, a bigger screen will consume more power, but not all of the "more power" the larger battery can supply. So, yes, you lose some to the screen but you gain overall.   Big batteries are how Android devices got decent battery life times, and the way they got big batteries was by getting bigger cases, which required bigger screens to not look stupid. (Because, if you increase the size of your device in depth, it looks clunky, so you...
  Even for you, who will grasp at any straw to spin propaganda, that analogy is so weak as to not even address the issue. The only commonalities between Apple's phone lineup vs. Samsung's, ignoring all the IP Samsung stole from Apple, is that they are phones. That's where the similarities end, and that's where your analogy falls off the cliff.   You seem awfully desperate these days. Have they threatened to cut off your funding if they don't start to see results?
  Plus, NanoSuction may well be the new Velcro.
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