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And, once again we see the stupidity of analysts. Despite the fact that Tim Cook warned them not to base conclusions on single data points, they went ahead and forecast doom for Apple because Foxconn said they would have less works. 
The fountain is part of SF, if the citizens want to preserve it, Apple should either design around it or find another location.
    Frankly, I find it offensive that GG would even use the words 'honesty' and 'integrity'.
  Android phones went to big screens to camouflage big batteries. It also, as you point out, allows them to avoid the engineering effort to reduce the space required for other components. Lazy engineering all around, including poor power management. Let's not pretend it had anything to do with "offering what consumers wanted".
  This is getting a little ridiculous when GG is calling people out on whether they are being honest or not. Of course, he's had to retract his first accusations and is now hunkered down in speculation regarding the inner workings of DED's mind, his hopes, wants and desires. I don't know, it seems pretty close to those personal attacks he deprecates in the signature he uses as a sort of permanent personal attack on jragosta. Well, there's always been one kind of thinking...
Not really. Too much choice can be a bad thing for consumers. Part of the reason Apple has such high customer satisfaction is almost certainly the limited choices the consumer has to make when buying Apple products.
No.Whether you reach a conclusion objectively or by a whim, you may be right or wrong in either case. Even an unsupported conclusion based on insufficient facts may be the correct conclusion. Even if an argument is wholly fallacious, it's conclusion may be true. No matter how stubbornly biased you are, it doesn't make you necessarily wrong.The bias or lack thereof is irrelevant to whether a statement is true, so, if you want to argue it's false, merely citing bias does not...
  Not really. Bias just means you are predisposed to think a certain way. If that predisposition happens to coincide with the facts, then one's "biased" viewpoint and the facts are the same. Concluding that someone is wrong because they are biased is just as wrong as concluding that they are right because they are unbiased. (Well, no one is really entirely unbiased.) Bias has nothing to do with the truth or facts.
  Oh, the naiveté of those who think the world works like Econ 101.
I don't think Apple are stupid enough to jump into the "market" of head mounted computers.
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