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  Yet, his criticism, one reason he doesn't want to pay for it, is entirely valid:     So, essentially, Dropbox is dinging everyone's storage quota even though there's only one copy of that file that is being shared. It's double dipping on a grand scale. Yes, it has to sync that data to all the systems it's being shared to, but they don't charge you by bandwidth usage, they charge by disk space on the server, and that 5GB file is only taking up 5GB of disk on the server,...
  What kind of surgery do you do?
    I think that sums up perfectly who will want these.
  There's almost no way it could be designed so you can't defeat the light.   There are at least two points in favor of a watch over glasses, one positive, the other negative. First, positively, a watch is much more discreet that a borg headpiece. Secondly, the negative point, is that, as stated previously in this thread, wearing glasses is a pain for a number of reasons, whereas a watch isn't as annoying.   I'm not sold on the watch, though, because it's hard to see how...
  Maybe, but our neighbors, coworkers, people on the street don't necessarily know that. It's one thing to be a dork, it's quite another for everyone to realize it. Letting your dork flag fly is probably not the best policy.
  The product is already dead. Any business owner who doesn't ban Glass is asking for trouble. If I were a bar owner, I'd ban them and have the bouncers toss anyone wearing them, and if they "accidentally" get broken in the process, oops!
  Every component of Glass is almost certainly controllable via software. Even if it weren't, it could still be disconnected or painted over.
  I think the word you wanted there was 'surreptitiously', not 'anonymousely'. Anonymice don't spy on you.
  Hey, it's open!
  Which is more than a bit unfair to schizophrenics.
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