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  Actually, most of the Internet runs on Cisco and Juniper routers. And HTTP/TCP/IP isn't "open source", it's an "open standard", as is HTML.   But, no doubt you were referring to all the LAMP servers out there, like the one's Google uses. Oh, wait, Google doesn't use LAMP servers, do they? Nor do a lot of other companies. But, maybe you meant all that "open source" code running search algorithms at Google or that Amazon runs their store with. What? That stuff isn't open...
I think you forgot the /s, but, since I think your comments are representative of a certain mentality...       Are they really better off though? The usage data suggest that most of these people with Android phones are just using them as feature phones. In fact, as a suggested at least a couple of years ago, Android is the new feature phone OS. The difference, of course, is that all these people are now saddled with a data plan that they, from all evidence don't need or...
Google Glass = DOA
  Yes, I do, it's a very handy app to have, if you know what a compass is for.
  You seemed to have (intentionally) missed the part about their being there because other apps depend on them being there to provide services. And, it is the same thing, apps depend on the services, deleting them would break the behavior of many, if not most, other apps, just like removing location services and WiFi would.   So, maybe you aren't being obtuse, but that only leaves one other alternative.
  Really? You don't understand what a compass is useful for and you think that's interesting? Well, it is, but not in the way you think.
  I'll just assume you're being intentionally obtuse. It's been pointed out countless times, including in this thread, that the reason you can't delete them is because they are baked into the firmware, that they are baked into the firmware partly for historical reasons and, more importantly, a) because they provide services that other apps depend on, and b) they provide a minimally useful out of the box smartphone user experience without requiring a user to install...
  That's not really what passive-aggressive means. The key component of passive-aggressive behavior is not doing.
  Oh, K, it's definitely an Android thing. If it weren't, you wouldn't be here trying to convoke us it isn't. Nice try attempting to explain it away, but, as usual, embarrassing failure on your part.
  The difference is that many of the standard Apple apps provide services that other apps need to be able to depend on. The other difference is that it's necessary to provide certain services, that have nothing to do with carriers, on a smartphone so that all users, regardless of carrier, can have the same minimally useful user experience on a smartphone out of the box. So it's somewhat impractical to not have them baked into the firmware, especially when you consider the...
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