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  I think they try to release it when it won't have to compete with a new iPhone, toward the end of the cycle for the last one.
  Too bad for "the market" that Google doesn't have a wearable product that people will want to wear.
I have a problem with this case that has nothing to do with patent trolling (they're real) or whether it's valid, or whether it's being infringed.   My problem is that academic patents like this were almost certainly developed using grant money from the federal government, or based directly on research that was funded by the government -- i.e., with public funds. I don't think that patents should be allowed if the patent is closely based on work funded by public money.
  I'm not arguing as to whether it's right or not, but conflating "legal" and "right" would put you on very shaky ground indeed. Slavery was once legal in the U.S., but it was never right. Beating your wife is legal in some countries, but it's not right. The idea that legality equals morality is absurdly mistaken.
  Especially given how long it took for 3G to be widely available.
  No it's not. Competition itself is entirely neutral about the outcome it produces. It may be good, but it may just as likely be bad.  It may just as easily (perhaps more so) lead to a race to the bottom as a race to the top. There is no law of nature, physical or human, that guarantees that the results of competition will be "good".
    You're even funnier than the other guys.
    You guys are cracking me up tonight.
  Sounds like you need to find a new coffee shop, one that doesn't treat its customers like service thieves.
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