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  Well, that's an understatement.
  Is she actually going to take it places? Does she really need a laptop? If not, she might be better off with a 21" iMac. Much bigger screen, faster, more RAM, more HD for around the same money. Ergonomically much better if it's going to be used stationary anyway.
I don't know what's more surprising, that we made it through almost 4 pages before someone pointed out that the "survey" was conducted by a company working for Samsung, or that the discussion even continued past that point.   What's not surprising is that KDarling is trying to explain that away.
  I thought LBJ was popular in Texas.
  The way for Apple to "be successful" is to just keep doing what they've been doing -- not shooting their mouthes off and just developing great products, one after the other.
  How much money has Google made off Android, when you subtract the price of Motorola? How much money have the Android OEMs, other than Samsung made? But, hey, it was free.   But, primarily, they've failed because they failed to make the smartphone business unprofitable for everyone else.
  Google is all about sucking all the oxygen out of the room so no one can make any money at whatever it is they are trying to take over. So, they'll give this stuff away, like Android, with the hopes that it'll shear the industry of any possible profits. They'll fail, just like they've failed with Android, but that's their MO.   Google is fundamentally, in their DNA, a destructive company. Sowing destruction is how they approach everything. In contrast, Apple is about...
  Well, yes, obviously, native apps are always (at least in my lifetime) going to work better than web apps, and web implementations of Maps will likely be more basic than native implementations. I think that's fine, and it's what people ought to expect, for any software.   However, as you point out, Apple has done some pretty cool stuff in HTML5 and they could apply that expertise to creating a version for iCloud, even if it's functionality is more basic. Perhaps they...
I really think they should expand Maps to iCloud (the web interface) with an HTML 5 implementation (i.e., no plugins required, just a modern browser). That way Windows users with iCloud accounts have access to same mapping data they have on their iOS devices.   Though, they'll have to go "open web" at maps.apple.com, I think, if Google decides it would rather stick it to Apple and users than get the traffic Apple is directing their way.
You've never looked more ridiculous in your time posting here than today.
New Posts  All Forums: