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  You gotta love how the shills/trolls/whatever come on here and declare that Samsung already has a better laptop, that the MBA's are obsolete before they were released, but conveniently forget to mention that Samsung's "better" laptop doesn't actually exist yet, so, at present, doesn't actually have any battery life.
  Just for fun, here's the complete comment:       You've gone into negative point territory now.   As for your "response", intellectual property is not the same as other recognized "property", as is clear from its different basis in law. Conflating them doesn't make an argument.
  But, aren't the publisher's forbidden from agency pricing for (I think) 2 years? I think Apple could make a strong case that such a prohibition interferes in the market in such a way that punishes, not the publishers, but retailers other than Amazon, in effect giving Amazon free reign during that period to engage in whatever predatory pricing they choose to in order to reestablish their monopoly control.   I hope Apple, B&N, et al. would challenge these settlements for...
  Your understanding of the English language and thought process appears to be rather loose, leading me to believe you don't have a clue about "the facts". You do get a point for recognizing that the quoted text is part of the Copyright Clause of the Constitution. But, you lose 10 points for not realizing that I quoted the relevant part of it, since I was speaking to its purpose. You lose another 10 points for the wholly irrelevant statement in your last sentence. Lastly...
  Anyone who is using patents solely for purposes other than that for which they are issued,     is a patent troll. So-called "intellectual property" companies are gaming the system for profit with no intention of promoting progress and their actions actually hinder it. Patents are an artificial right, a privilege, granted for a specific purpose. Those who abuse this privilege should have it revoked.   As well, anyone attempting to "double dip" is a patent troll. This...
  The real issue isn't even that Amazon is abusing it's market share in books to drive competitors out of business. The real issue is that Amazon is leveraging it's dominance as an online retailer and it's ability to absorb losses in one area of business by subsidizing them with small profits from the rest of its operation to engage in predatory pricing and drive competitors out of the book business.     Well, that's not very likely to happen
Well, this could explain them cutting component orders, if they are using different components in different variations of the S4.
  It is getting tedious, especially since you just keep repeating the same points, and if that's what the Lyon's article you linked to, it is beside the point, and doesn't address the question at all: based on your summary, he's arguing that it's a question that ought not be asked. You already provided the evidence you are asking for.
  Maybe because they didn't feel they'd get a fair shake from the legal system in the EU?   Of course, you can continue to ignore all the testimony in this trial so far and pretend that the facts are as yo'd like them to be. So, if you don't personally believe Apple is guilty of collusion, why are you attempting to make an implicit argument that they are based on what happened with the EU?   Sorry, but as usual, your statements are pathetically inconsistent, and the...
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