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  I don't see them releasing a "crippled" phone, ever. I also don't see them compromising on battery life, or cheaping out on components or RAM. Nor on anything else that would "make iOS 7 run differently" or have a different UX.   But, they could do something like put the iPhone 5 components into a case that's much cheaper to manufacture, and probably maintain margins. Plastics or carbon fiber would probably allow them to substantially reduce manufacturing costs, and...
    Exactly, and why Apple included circuitry in the Lightening connector to make it difficult for fly by night companies to do cheap, compromised knockoffs.
  I think you've missed the point. You're the one who declared it "garbage" without knowing anything about it.   You've also missed, or ignored, the point that simple "geographic distribution" isn't the story. Density within that distribution is entirely relevant, and to the point. No one's moving the goalposts, you apparently just can't see them.   As for Dan Lyons, yes, it's an ad hominem. He has, time and time again, proven himself to be an idiot with an axe to grind....
  That's possible. Also, the publishers don't have Apple's resources, so, for them, the settlement may have been more of a business decision than a legal one. It's also possible that the publishers were guilty of collusion while Apple is not, although, none of them, I believe, was required to admit wrongdoing. (Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't wrongdoing.)   The problem I see here, and which Apple may need to follow up on with further legal action,...
  I notice you have lots of questions you don't know the answers to, yet you are wiling to declare it garbage before you get the answers. Also, even the pictures you posted, the red looks larger and denser than the green. Lastly, when you start referencing Dan Lyons, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for a supporting argument.
  Sorry, it's the eastern district of Texas for you foreigners, if you're lucky, otherwise, Gitmo.   Your friends will shake their heads and say, "hill60 always was an unlucky wight."
  I think anyone who writes, "don't get your feathers bent out of shape over an anonymous Internet posting," wants nothing more than to provoke the target of those words into getting their feathers bent out of shape -- i.e., you're blatantly trolling.
  I considered stupidity as a possibility at first, but, as the facts come out, it seems less and less likely. This looks like official corruption pure and simple.
  Yeah, pretty sleazy of Microsoft to try to unload this garbage on school children.
  The real question is why were the FTC and DoJ so predisposed to do Amazon's bidding and go after Apple when the "case", as is now abundantly clear, was such a house of cards. As this trial unfolds, it's becoming increasingly clear that there was undue influence at work here, and, frankly, I think there needs to be an investigation of that.
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