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  Unless your account has been hijacked, it's hard to believe that statement.
  Hatfill was persecuted by the FBI because they were convinced he was guilty. Brandon Mayfield was persecuted because they were convinced he was involved in the Madrid bombings. They thought they were following the "evidence", despite the fact that it was bad. The fact that massive amounts of data are being sorted by computers to identify "suspects" increases the likelihood that incidents like these will happen with increasing frequency.   Big Data is a Big Problem, and,...
  Given the government's history of persecuting groups of citizens, I'd say any day now. And individuals are as much at risk as groups, perhaps more.   Let's say they aren't even able to look at any data unless the "algorithms" identify it as "suspicious". How long will it take by just random coincidence till some innocent person is "flagged" and has their world turned upside down, you know, like Steven Hatfill.
  What do you think Google should do, instead of acting as a spy agency on behalf of the government?   I'm asking you because of your posting history that indicates Google is your role model, hypocrisy and all.
Without a timeframe (not even a, "within my lifetime.") it's a sucker bet, and an empty prediction.But, were you to say, "within the next 10 years," with an expectation that you'll live longer than that, I think you'd be a very unhappy man 10 years from now if you got anyone to take that bet.This claim essentially asserts that Apple will have s single OS that runs on, and behaves the same across, all their platforms and on which an app written for any platform will run on...
  Actually, your description above is a somewhat outdated view of how science works. Especially with big advances, with scientific revolutions -- e.g., the transition from classical to modern physics -- progress comes much more from starting over with a "blank slate" than from anything resembling the process you describe.   Clearly they had something more ambitious in mind than "fixing iOS 6". And, while they might have done that and possibly maintained the look of iOS 6,...
  Frankly, I think you're mistaken about what your point is. Your point seems to be that you don't like Apple.   As for the rest, Apple is, if you have to pick one or the other, a software company that subsidizes its software development through hardware sales. So, why would they provide software free to use for people who don't buy their hardware?   Unlike Microsoft and Google, Apple isn't about "taking over the world". If that makes you unhappy, well, deal with it.
  Typical response of someone who doesn't realize that bias, present or not, has no affect on the truth value of statements.   This last argument is as flimsy as your earlier ones.
  Apparently, you don't understand logic or what 'prove' means, because none of your, "trying to get you to understand," posts on the so-called "evidence" show any signs of applying the one or doing the other. In terms of "proof", the DoJ's case is as flimsy as it gets. There's nothing at all to it but unsubstantiated assertions and hand waving. If the evidence can be said to "prove" anything, it's exactly the opposite of this tale the DoJ has concocted.
  What are, as an industry average, the exact percentages of the things you mention -- materials, printing, shipping -- of the overall cost of bringing a new fiction hardcover to market?
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