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Thanks, I'm glad someone agrees with me. Haha.
No one? Really?
I've been a long time lingerer, and I have posted here a few times before, but this has been bugging me so I felt the need to login and post.   Before we look at what I expect for the future lineup, let's take a look at the current lineup. Prices are off contract (aka, actual) prices.   5C 8gb ~500 5C 16gb-550 5C 32gb-650 5S 16gb- 650 5S 32gb- 750 5S 64gb- 850   This is all just my opinion/educated guess, but I have a feeling they will only bring out one or two...
In response to Rob- it's a previously leaked document. Seen here http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/prism-collection-documents/m/
This is good news. Foster is a great architect. The Hearst building in NYC is some of the best architecture in the city and it is my favorite building ever.
iSlate = iPad on steroids? I could see it happening. It would be the same size roughly, but with camera, usb port, etc, so it's more resemblant of a real laptop in connectivity and functionality. It's a thought. And whats the big deal with Apple and the word magic? Did you watch the video about the iPad on Apples site? They're all taking turns calling it magic this, magic that. It seems like they are all just kind of circle jerking themselves by calling it magic and...
Keyboard dock!!!!!
Ding ding ding! I'm buying one for that reason alone.
@ Creative. Dead on. That's how I feel and what I would have said, if I would've taken the time to type it all out. But I doubt I would have said it as eloquently as you. Well done good sir.
Crap. I didn't think to look in the current hardware section, and there is already a "bitter disappointment" thread in there. Oh well. Mods, close this one I guess?
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