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The Nat Brown "explanation" is complete and utter bullshit.   How can timestamps be "synced over the cloud" if at that point in time Apple TV's WiFi connection is yet to be configured? The whole purpose of this step is to connect Apple TV to the cloud. Think! Apple TV does not have an accelerometer -- how would the iOS device determine that it has indeed hit the Apple TV? Why would then Apple require you to touch Apple TV specifically? You could touch your chair or...
Apple LED Cinema Display is finally going to be dropped from the (online) Apple Store, as all Macs have Thunderbolt ports now. I wonder if Apple is going to introduce an Apple 4K Display in the fall. There could be a “pro” event, where they could release the Mac Pro and also introduce new Retina MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt 2. That would be a perfect moment to introduce Apple 4K Display (since 4K cannot work over Thunderbolt 1).
The guy should redesign the product. Make it a series of LEGO-like bricks that attach to each other in succession. The first brick is an AC/DC converter with an AC cord. The rest have one retractable charging cord each and a DC pass-through. Each brick is sold as a separate product, so Apple's restriction does not apply. Customers can build charging stations according to their unique device mix. Still cheaper and more efficient than what we have now (one AC/DC converter...
  Haha. It's not that bad )) The ruble has been redenominated 15 years ago.   By the way, the prices are pretty low: 15—19 rubles per song ($0.49—0.62), 100—150 rubles per album ($3.24—4.86). The local artists selection is minuscule – about 20 artists and not a single real star among them. Still, it is incredibly satisfying to finally see the iTunes Store open after almost a decade of waiting.
  That's because you're in the U.S. Please read up on the problems in other countries, then tell us whether it's overblown or not.
  It's not just logo, it's the Lightning authentication chip. Apple wants to control accessories the same way they control apps.
  Sorry to disappoint you, Apple Maps work like s**t in Russia!   I still can't understand why Apple, of all companies, acquired such a low-quality dataset for Russia. There are no buildings at all. Half of placemarks are in the wrong places. Even some subway stations are missing! Some major streets have names that were changed 20 years ago. Satellite images have opaque clouds that completely obstruct whole blocks of the city. Categories are junk, e.g. some embassies are...
We should file a rdar:// bug on this building.
  Yup, like Chicago’s store:      
  That’s not true. A6 is based on a new, Apple-developed ARMv7s instruction set (note the ‘s’), which is backwards-compatible with ARMv7. The new Xcode builds ‘fat’ binaries that contain code for both.
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