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And, of course, they don't have to pay the full price out of pocket. They can work with banks and venture funds.
They will have 200B. I am thinking about what might happen in future. Sorry if I didn't express that clearly.
On a second thought, maybe Steve will just take the company private?
NO 1. Adobe is overvalued (from the standpoint of Apple). 2. Facebook is overvalued. 3. Google has value. However, it would make Apple too big and is culturally incompatible. 4. Microsoft has value with its business products, and its brands, and sales accounts. Buying Microsoft would be a historic event. Apple can then build their own Windows virtualization layer right into the OS and treat it like Carbon, slowly suffocating it and nudging developers towards...
It is, in Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 (read IEBlog announcement). Feels surreal, but Microsoft has leapfrogged others on this one (not a stable release, though).
An Intel vice president publicly criticized Apple's choice of ARM for the iPhone's processor architecture late last year and said that the current and future cellphones capable of "full" Internet features as they wouldn't have Intel's x86 processors.I am not a native English speaker, so forgive me if I am wrong, but is this sentence grammatically correct? I am not sure what it means. What did Intel's VP say? Thanks in advance for explaining.
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