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It's possible they may have wanted it, only to get buyers remorse if the end result was unusable due to ergonomics (UI design, sheer bulk, cost, etc.). That is the entire definition of buyers remorse. Regretting a purchase after the fact, either due to guilt, or to unforeseen negatives. Apple typically doesn't have a problem with being impulsive. Samsung on the other hand has put out a footprint for just about every size imaginable in an apparent attempt to see what...
I think the term you are are hedging around is a 'spec whore'. Someone who elevates specifications above usability regardless of the outcome.
When it came to the "I'm a Mac", there was always a contrast. This is their way...here is our way. This is true for most commercials, unless it simply states what it is, or what it does, without necessarily contrasting against some competetor. It wasn't simply an attack ad. Samsung seems to have resorted to the latter.   Regarding the Stylus:  A stylus is nothing. You can pick one up for a couple of bucks and it will work with anything in iOS and on an iPhone, iPad, or...
I would have preferred something like a horizontal or vertical bar who's height matches the busy time for that particular day. The dot isn't particularly useful to me as I have something in every day, so every day has a dot. For a quiet calendar it might be useful, but for mine, not so much. I'll be curious to see what improvements they make.
They fixed the damn maps loop crash. That and the .com button were the most irritating items to live with the last two betas. The maps crash was the worst, as once you got into the crash you often lost use of your maps app altogether for navigation. I was down to just a single iOS device that was still working. Still using the Yellow on White background in notes though Ugh...still a few bad design choices needing fixing.
Probably not soon enough to hit a build yet, but certainly do-able given enough time before 10.8.5 is released. It just depends on where the problem lies, and how easy it is to implement a fix.
The problem is not due to the Extreme, or any of the Airport products. it's just a bug in the OS, and sounds like it can be easily fixed.
I never stated it was. I just stated that Apple was adopting SMB as the default starting in 10.9.
You do realize Apple is ditching AFP for SMB right? That said, I see a substantial perk to my speeds when going to Mavericks (from 19-20MB/s to 36MB/s). From what I recall from WWDC, the indicated that Mavericks will still support AFP, especially when talking to AFP clients, but the default will be SMB going forward.
New Posts  All Forums: