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Probably not soon enough to hit a build yet, but certainly do-able given enough time before 10.8.5 is released. It just depends on where the problem lies, and how easy it is to implement a fix.
The problem is not due to the Extreme, or any of the Airport products. it's just a bug in the OS, and sounds like it can be easily fixed.
I never stated it was. I just stated that Apple was adopting SMB as the default starting in 10.9.
You do realize Apple is ditching AFP for SMB right? That said, I see a substantial perk to my speeds when going to Mavericks (from 19-20MB/s to 36MB/s). From what I recall from WWDC, the indicated that Mavericks will still support AFP, especially when talking to AFP clients, but the default will be SMB going forward.
Hey, they have the male voice for Siri in this beta
Well they did label them as B2 notes, but you may be right
Odd, The release notes indicate that the voice memo app isn't included, but it's there. The release notes only note known issues. No issues on what B2 fixes.
I'll stick with Fantastical. Having used this for a week, it's too low contrast, and difficult to see various elements. Sometimes it seems they focus too much on the end goal (not sure what that is here), without taking simple usability into account. Fantastical still offers a month view, is much easier on the eyes, and actually has a little contrast in elements.
Lol..agreed, although hopefully the debates in here aren't THAT boring. This is one of the few sites left that I frequent where the debates still contain a bit of passion without turning into into shouting contests between 3 year olds.
New Posts  All Forums: