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  According to the article in question, they specifically excluded licensing key patents to Samsung, although they did license some of them to HTC and few others (those others signed a 'non-cloning clause' as a requirement to license).    
The case speaks directly to and mirrors what is happening today between Apple and Samsung. It's almost erie the way it has mimicked these two. The other interesting point is that this court came to a very different decision regarding the harm that copy and trade dress infringement produces. The state it rather elegantly in that if someone starts buying a smartphone (a Samsung in this case), which is using patented protected designs/features available on only an Apple...
I can believe this. I'm still waiting on mine to ship :\
Have to agree. Apple is overstepping here. There is no such ban on the browser, and no controls to prevent such searches. The app seems to have the required safety protocols and only after a user goes into the desktop version of the website can it be disabled.  At some point Apple has to realize that adults use these devices, and the parents are going to have to be responsible for such. If they allow their children unrestricted access to their desktop, then I think...
Actually they will warranty any drive on a covered model regardless of whether or not it is functional. My 09 iMac had a functional drive and it was replaced. Assuming of course it's the original factory drive Just be aware, the turnaround time is typically 2-3 days for this. Make sure you plan appropriately.
Ah. I just use the main Play/Pause buttons at the top. You seem to have created a playlist, rather than just double clicking on the radio station broadcast.
You won't see internet radio with the sidebar on. Turn it off (Option + Command + S) and you'll find it under Music. I'm not following on the 'dropdown play button' though? My play button works fine but I may be misunderstanding. Edit: Scratch that. Just turn radio on in your prefs ;)
That could be. Both of my ATV3's were WiFi.
It's not the ATV3 that caused it. I updated two ATV3's and they took only minutes. Some other factor is in play.
  I don't think it's bizarre, but rather just V11.0. Much like new versions of iOS were pretty bare, they developed into a richer client. Given that we know they had issues getting this ready on time and missed their deadlines, it's probably safe to assume that not everything made it into day 0. I'm hoping they close some of the obvious gaffes in short order.
New Posts  All Forums: