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Not so sure on this one, as the old settings was specifically to turn it off, and it no longer works :| I find the link entirely useless and it gets in the way. Why would I need to link to the store when I already have it? I've heard a few suggest that you can see any other tunes off that artists album, but I just find it gets in the way. Chances are when I bought it, that I specifically chose NOT to buy the other tunes in the album. Ah well, I'll hold out hope that some...
Has anyone figured out how to turn off the 'Show in iTunes store' link? You used to to be able turn it off in version 10 with a defaults.write, but that doesn't work in iTunes 11.
  How funny that you can use a software product for years and still find something new. I've always just relied on the displayed shortcut keys in the menus themselves.
Lol. I've been looking for these shortcuts! They need to do a better job of advertising these. Command + # is good for switching library categories.
I rarely mess with the manual playlists these days. I switched to smart lists and just use comment fields for search criteria when genre isn't enough. Plenty of rough edges they need to iron out apparently. Fortunately, with my workflow, the changes that impacted me were minor with workarounds.
  I can't agree more. I'm surprised that people with large libraries can use anything but the list views, but to each his own. At least they can fall back to an older version until or if such a time as Apple puts those bits back.
Betting Apple is being swarmed with suggestions, but useful and erm..colorful ;) lol
If it's just the current tune artwork, click the image next to the timeline at the top center and you'll get a separate window with the iTunes artwork, which can be moved around, resized, etc.
See the third comment here for help falling back. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4554853?tstart=0 Make sure you back up your playlists first before falling back. You can use Doug's scripts, or use the Export function to back up an XML export of your playlists.
You can uninstall on a Mac as well. If its not in this thread, you can find it with a few quick searches, but it does require that you have a backup of your old iTunes library files. I'll see if I can find it.
New Posts  All Forums: