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If it's just the current tune artwork, click the image next to the timeline at the top center and you'll get a separate window with the iTunes artwork, which can be moved around, resized, etc.
See the third comment here for help falling back. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4554853?tstart=0 Make sure you back up your playlists first before falling back. You can use Doug's scripts, or use the Export function to back up an XML export of your playlists.
You can uninstall on a Mac as well. If its not in this thread, you can find it with a few quick searches, but it does require that you have a backup of your old iTunes library files. I'll see if I can find it.
For #1, Click on Devices. you can then browse to the various sections like Books to see what's on the actual device. You can also search from the device view. (Edit: Scratch that..the search field is there but doesn't seem to function on the device view). You can set the column sorts in iTunes and that sort setting syncs to the device though. For #3, you can always use your volume keys. I haven't found an easy workaround yet for #2 other than Command + I to get to the...
I'd forgotten about Music Videos. I used to have a few, but deleted them some time back. I suspect the lack of the Playlists option on the other screen is just an oversight that they will correct in due course, or at least I hope so. I think other than that, the Home Movies bit is the least useful addition. It's more like a 'genre' than a Library category as it has no dropdown pick in the Library categories. It's just an odd add-on that seems sort of half implemented....
My Music view also has 'Radio' in it, which makes it 6. It seems you are in error.
LOL..is there some shortage of horizontal space? Seriously?
  Oh the irony..lol ;)   I've already sent feedback to show the playlists button in each Library category that has playlists. They do this on the Apple TV, so this should be a no brainer. In the meantime, I'll just work in the 'Music' view for video playlists, as I like the left pane left in Context mode rather than the old sidebar. Sidenote: Anyone else find it funny that the Feedback link still doesn't have a version for iTunes 11?
It appears that they tried to combine the syncing activity into a single info pane with scroll bars. An odd choice, but at least you can still click on a specific device to see any sync activity for that specific device. I didn't notice any particular speed improvements there. I did a test sync of about 32 GB of data and 16 GB of data and saw only 1-3 MB/s according to my network activity. I think I could learn to like the interface given time. I've turned the sidebar...
  Can't agree more. Really like the option to read books on my Mac and iBooks still lacks that after all this time :\
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