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My Music view also has 'Radio' in it, which makes it 6. It seems you are in error.
LOL..is there some shortage of horizontal space? Seriously?
  Oh the irony..lol ;)   I've already sent feedback to show the playlists button in each Library category that has playlists. They do this on the Apple TV, so this should be a no brainer. In the meantime, I'll just work in the 'Music' view for video playlists, as I like the left pane left in Context mode rather than the old sidebar. Sidenote: Anyone else find it funny that the Feedback link still doesn't have a version for iTunes 11?
It appears that they tried to combine the syncing activity into a single info pane with scroll bars. An odd choice, but at least you can still click on a specific device to see any sync activity for that specific device. I didn't notice any particular speed improvements there. I did a test sync of about 32 GB of data and 16 GB of data and saw only 1-3 MB/s according to my network activity. I think I could learn to like the interface given time. I've turned the sidebar...
  Can't agree more. Really like the option to read books on my Mac and iBooks still lacks that after all this time :\
The cloud button just indicates when you have downloads available in the cloud for the selected library category. For example, any past purchases, digital downloads, etc. I elected to just turn them off in the preferences, but you can also turn them off via specific file selection, or just for a specific category (Movies, Music, etc). I think Apple could do the context sensitive playlists properly. If a playlist displays a specific type of media, show it in that media...
My download took mere seconds. I'm guessing they are now doing alphas for ATV, so that's cool. The install took the typical 3-5 minutes. No issues to report as of yet although I don't use Music much on ATV.
Heh. Looks like you can now export Smart List criteria in iTunes 11. That's excellent, although it appears you would have to do each on individually (the script above will export all of them in one shot...handy for a full backup). Just make sure you export it using the XML format (the default is TXT).
By the way, for those nervous about losing any playlists, you can export them beforehand, including the criteria for Smart Playlists (a feature that iTunes lacks for some reason). http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=exportsmartcriteria   Just download and put this apple script in your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. It will let you do 'Selected' playlists, or 'All'. Very handy.
Why would I want to start dragging a file just to see a playlist? It also only shows the devices and the 'purchased' playlist and any static lists,. The feature you describe is useful for moving or adding a file to a device or static list, but doing that to simply access your playlists makes no sense. The issue isn't about moving or adding a media file to a device. It's the fact that the playlist button only shows up under Music, rather than under movies, podcasts, music...
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